Cheyenne VA Medical Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne VA Medical Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Cheyenne VA Medical Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program, you may contact their Cheyenne offices via phone at 307-778-7550 x7130.

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Kimberly Riggs

2020-02-01 16:44:05 via Google

This was one of the most seemless ER visits I've ever experienced. Super fast, efficient, and friendly service!

Mark Sellers

2020-01-05 15:44:53 via Google

I'm on my way to Cheyenne va from Asheville NC for an inpatient program and have been communicating with Terri with the PRRTP. I am very pleased with the communication and availability as well as John with the travel coordination. Helping to make the trip out as free from anxiety as possible. Thank you

Shanion Hart

2019-09-08 15:28:12 via Google

Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center is top notch! My husband is a vet and I have been to many VA medical facilities with him throughout the U.S. and this one truly prides itself on outstanding medical care for our Veterans. Sam you are doing an amazing job in designing a VA medical facility that not only posts signage that says they care, but the medical staff seem to genuinely care about my husband's well being. This is an outstanding VA medical center! Thank you sir! The campus is beautiful. Someone had told me before we went that it was older, and it is, but it is well maintained. Each time we have been to this facility, when we walk into the building, if we look around for something, someone always asks us what we are trying to find, and they will escort us to where we need to be. It happens every time and it could be a staff member on their way to lunch or on their way back from lunch, as they escort us they engage with us in pleasant conversation. Also, when we've had to talk to anyone to check in for an appointment or update information, like the lady in x-ray, the lady at the Travel Agent window and the lady that puts in personal contact information, sorry I cannot remember your names, but these three ladies stand out to me as being all out friendly, like nice family members. While everyone we've come in contact with that works at Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center has treated us like we are part of a family, these ladies are the aunts you go to family reunions to see. Thank you ladies, I look forward to seeing you again in the future. This is a big deal to me and my husband, because we have been to some not so great VA hospitals and for any vet that has multiple health issues it's frustrating on top of being sick, it's unnecessary stress to an already stressed out veteran. Plus, this hospital has a Farmers Market outside there facility that offers fresh, clean, local, affordable foods. I've never seen that before. That, in my opinion, is also outstanding. To all the staff members and employees of Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center, thank you, thank you all for working together as a team to be the best medical facility to treat our Veteran's. It matters and we've noticed...

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