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AMS of Wisconsin LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Onalaska, WI

AMS of Wisconsin LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at AMS of Wisconsin LLC , you may contact their Onalaska offices via phone at 608-783-0506 x106.

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Steven Smith

2019-09-12 14:24:12 via Google

I have only been here for four months so far it is been a great place pretreatment if you need it come get it it will help you they will not turn you away

Heather Stephens

2019-02-06 18:06:51 via Google

This is a great place when you are ready to make a change and turn your life around. From the receptionists to the counselors to the nurses and doctors, there is always a smiling face and helping hand available to assist your recovery needs.

ron genske

2017-11-29 16:07:08 via Google

Amazing place. Wonderful counsellors and staff. Everyone is so friendly and understanding. The treatment works wonders for those that are serious about their recovery. They have saved my life. I wouldn't have survived without their help. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your help, knowledge and support in getting myself and countless others on track to recovery. We need more places like this available in this area.

Jessalie Quilling Schrecongost

2016-10-06 23:53:24 via Google

Great staff! Very helpful. I've been to a few clinics and this is by far the best one I've been to! It smells and feels like a real clinic, NOT just a dosing clinic. The staff is incredible! They care about you. I have to drive 2 1/2 hours one way to come here when I can go to a place that is 30 miles away but I prefer to come here because of the staff and the clinic itself. They make it safe here also. Its the only place I've been to that has camera's. And I've gotten robbed before at other clinics. I recommend this clinic to anyone who is trying to get off of drugs, the non in-patient way. Thank you AMS for being such an amazing clinic for people who need help, wish there were more clinics out there like AMS!😁

Katie Thompson

2016-11-23 04:31:26 via Google

Amazing place! Changed my life for the better. You yourself have to do the work and they are there for YOU to utilize. Trying to become sober was impossible task until I came here. I cannot imagine my life with out the help of this place! Great thanks to my counselor Jenny who is amazing!! I had a bad view of methadone clinics until coming here.Im going on three years there! I enjoy the rewards of 2week take homes which I worked hard to earn by remaining sober for almost 3years:-) I would not have my kids, my home, job, and off probation if not for this program!! Thank you AMS!!!

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