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Marriage and Family Solutions LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Madison, WI

Marriage and Family Solutions LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Marriage and Family Solutions LLC , you may contact their Madison offices via phone at 608-203-6267 x1.

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Mike P

2018-12-02 23:34:56 via Google

Marriage & Family Solutions is a very warm and friendly environment. Very knowledgeable, and well trained staff who were able to meet the needs of our situation. Our therapist really helped us discuss our issues and problem solve. Highly recommend MFS!


2019-05-24 04:11:04 via Google

Caroline Scheidler, LMFT has been my therapist for 3 years. She takes a very effective, non-traditional approach to therapy. She has provided coping strategies for anxiety and PTSD trauma which have positively impacted not only my my home, but my social dynamics. Her number one strength is the ability to actively listen without reservation with the ability to speak the language of the individual client. The expectation is on you to do the heavy lifting and you are held accountable for your personal growth and development. Caroline is forgiving, understanding and very committed to your successes and failures. As a result, my thought process has been expanded to seek out resolutions and/or solutions. Jean Rortvedt at the front desk is always courteous and helpful and as a whole, the staff is very happy to see and greet all clients regardless of whether it is their individual client. I hope whoever reads this post finds it helpful – and if you’re ready for effective change, I would recommend starting and ending here. - Vito Danieli

Jess W

2018-12-15 15:08:50 via Google

I had to stop going and find a new therapist. Crystal was always a few minutes late, always felt rushed and I could tell she never had any idea what I was talking about because she couldn’t remember the last appointment. Nice person but I think she probably had too many patients at the time I was seeing her.

Becca Johnson

2019-01-15 03:30:37 via Google

I don't often review businesses, but I felt compelled to comment on the extremely beneficial service provided by Marriage and Family Solutions. I've been a client at MFS for the last year and my therapist has really helped me work through the issues I have. She has helped me address my problems in a positive and constructive manner. I know the problem solving techniques I've learned will also serve me well in the future. I highly recommend MFS!

Jennifer M

2018-11-29 21:50:42 via Google

Love it here!! Everyone is super kind and welcoming and the therapists are incredibly helpful!!

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