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Hope Haven Inc North Bay Lodge offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Madison, WI

Hope Haven Inc North Bay Lodge is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Hope Haven Inc North Bay Lodge, you may contact their Madison offices via phone at 608-249-2600.

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jamie kirchner

2019-07-26 22:51:17 via Google

DO NOT GO there if you like to smoke cigarettes. limited times to smoke, must walk .44 miles to do so. Smoke times are 6:00am - 8:00am, 11:45am - 1:00pm, 4:30pm - 5:30pm, 7:30pm - 9:00pm. that's a total of only 5.75 hours for the entire you are allowed to have a cigarette. keep in mind dinner arrives at 5:00. this gives you 30 minutes to eat, walk 10 minutes to smoking spot, smoke your cigarette, and walk another 10 minutes back, If you want a cigarette after dinner. they do seem genuinely concerned about helping the addicted, but not worth it if you intend on smoking.

Bavery Derrick

2019-04-12 00:53:30 via Google

I stayed at Hope Haven a few months ago. It's a smaller home like environment. The treatment schedule is pretty relaxed, you'll have some downtime especially on weekends. Most staff were great, some not too much but that's how it is everywhere. You get to go to the YMCA twice a week and also have fun fridays like bowling. You are also able to attend outside meetings. The food is great, the coach there cares about people and makes tons of extras. They also have art therapy and yoga twice a week. Overall it was a good experience. The downsides were having to walk a long ways to smoke, and not getting very many times to do so. Also it's nice in some ways that it's co ed, but some guys there definitely were more interested in chasing girls than recovery, which can hurt the dynamic. The chores aren't really distributed evenly, and some of the overnight crew also seemed more interested in the females there than doing their job well.

Eliott Janz

2018-04-15 22:39:15 via Google

I have been to 3 rehabs. This being my third. This rehab is beyond amazing. I have never met such caring staff in my life! They really help you get down to the issues and what makes you relapse. Also they do fun Fridays! Last week we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum! Also they help you look for work and support beyond the Hope Haven Lodge! If you are looking for a rehab with friendly supportive staff and a rehab that shows you fun in sobriety this is the place for you! Only down side is you have to walk .44 miles to have a cigarette. But overall an amazing experience!

Cheryl Court

2017-12-20 17:22:54 via Google

I was afraid for 3 days of my stay. For those 3 days I did felt like this was being run by nuts. They hand you a sheet of the house rules.. you don’t have time to read it because someone is already tell you that you are number 3 bathroom duties. I missed my pee test because I was supposed to know the nurse left at 4. That’s one demerit. You don’t know where your sleeping.. l sleep with a woman that smoked like crazy... and had a cell phone. But illegal. One I got all thru the bull but basically missed 3 days... treatment was alright. You get what you put into it. The worst was the huge drama that came in mostly from the young girls. I don’t believed this it the correct place for then.... or perhaps it SHOULD BE THE ONLY PLACE THEM. Let us people who really need have place for them.

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