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KLEAN Long Beach WA offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Long Beach, WA

KLEAN Long Beach WA is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at KLEAN Long Beach WA , you may contact their Long Beach offices via phone at 360-642-3105.

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Jen Hall

2019-06-09 23:38:06 via Google

I personally had no issues, but there was tons of drama there and it was very stressful on me personally. I was only there a week and 3 days and left and flew back home to cali. There is a really good male psychiatrist there who actually I met with a few days before I left, I can not recall his name but with his insight he really helped me figure out the things causing me to self medicate. I ended up getting clean on my own and have been clean now for 11 months almost a year!

Clifford Ligons

2019-04-18 07:54:50 via Google

I was impressed with the care of the staff & how each client was treated as an individual. Sometimes a little laid back but overall I believe my life was saved there by following treatment plan developed for me. Everyone was so very nice, very direct & honestly showing concern. The food was Fantastic & kitchen staff very flexible. I learned much during my 30 days of treatment & use the knowledge daily to guide me in my one day at a time sober way of living. I am very pleased & all my family say it was money well soent.

Cliff Kuntz

2018-07-19 23:33:36 via Google

This August will be a year ago that I entered the Klean Treatment Center. I was messed up. I needed help. The staff is there to help but you have to want to help yourself. My experience there was challenging. I am so appreciative of the staff. It's not a resort but the staff will get you in the right direction to recovery. The food is excellent. Beds are comfortable. The beds are cleaned regularly. Classed are excellent but the most inspiring class was our Native American class. The instructor was so knowledgeable of his past and way of life and nature. I appreciate nature more because of that class. A big thank you to the staff, cooks and everyone there.

Mike King

2018-12-02 01:27:04 via Google

Great place to work, clean, friendly and the overall culture is peaceful and uplifting. You can tell that the staff are purely there to help the clients discover themselves, rebuild their self esteem, learn to have without mind altering substances and be open minded about the path in recovery.

Cheryl Warren

2018-07-30 22:05:34 via Google

I have a family member we were trying to establish treatment for. The local intake person for the Long Beach, Wa "Kara" was abrupt and very cold. This is a very difficult time for people and their families and she acted like her job was a burden. She clearly is in the wrong field. Nothing like we have experienced in the past. However, because this family member has been there before and was comfortable wel will attempt to get him in there despite this staff member. Very disappointing start to a new beginning. Update: I changed my star review from 1 start to 4. Cara and James at the center office has really made a bad situation better by doing as much possible to assist. Can not say enough about how helpful the two have been. Very thankful.

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