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Clearing SPC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Friday Harbor, WA

Clearing SPC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Clearing SPC , you may contact their Friday Harbor offices via phone at 425-275-8600.

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Nanette Stephens

2019-09-15 22:20:39 via Google

Our family member was an attendee at The Clearing beginning July 2019. She had attended six 12 step inpatient rehab programs over the past 10 years and only experienced short term abstinence after each program. During the times she was "clean" it was through sheer will power. As a dear friend once said: "While she was in AA meetings, her addiction was out in the parking lot doing push-ups". Then this same friend recommended The Clearing. Several things struck us as different right away. Our family member was interviewed by the owners to see if the program was a good fit. Then, we learned that all participants start at the same time. They are on the journey together without new participants joining intermittently during the 28 days. Finally, this was the first place that REALLY looked at co-diagnosis. Other places gave lip service to treating co-diagnoses and gave 2-4 hours of counseling during a twenty eight day stay. At the clearing there was 120 hours of counseling. This is unheard of and in our hearts we know that this is what allowed our loved one to finally get to the bottom of her pain. Our family training is allowing us to better walk her new life with her and for that we are grateful. The post program support has made a huge difference in her confidence. We finally have our dear family member back and for that we will be forever grateful.

Kerry Wingo

2019-03-16 00:49:22 via Google

I am reading the reviews below and wanted to share my experience. I was at the Clearing in September and had a powerful and transformational experience. We had a group of 8 and I remain in contact with most of my group. I attended for help with lifelong anxiety and panic spirals, and found the counselors to be compassionate, intuitive and very skilled. I would definitely recommend this program. My brain feels like it has been re-wired and I feel more balanced, grounded and at peace than I have in my whole life. Very grateful for the Clearing.

Holly Barrett

2019-09-14 05:37:53 via Google

The Clearing is a TREMENDOUS program. I had went for anxiety, depression, disorganized eating. I didn't have a drug or alcohol addiction but it didn't matter. All traumas are addressed from the underlying core emotional issues. The program requires you to give your all. There is 6 days a week work, starting with tai chi, workshop, meditation, 1:1 counseling and more. You will thoroughly learn the process to uncovering your hurt and how to heal. The staff is amazing. There are no judgements, no shame, just healing peace. The grounds are fantastic, the animals are therapeutic, the food is out of this world. The key is to pour your heart and soul into this process, that's what makes this so transformative. You realize you have everything you need to heal right inside of you once you understand how to get there. There is support from staff and the other participants every step of the way. You are never alone in your healing. Make the phone call or text, ask every question, do your due diligence and you will not be let down. You are truly loved; from day 1 and long after you leave the grounds The Clearing is there for you and your family.

Isabel Green

2019-09-12 23:24:28 via Google

Encouraging, educated staff at the Clearing form personal bonds with every participant. The curriculum is advanced, for individuals ready to work on themselves and grow while they overcome addictions and their underlying issues. Be prepared to do a lot of writing, self forgiveness, and emotional release, this is not your average recovery facility in the best of ways. Information is redially available on the education and backgrounds of each staff member, with licenses posted on the walls of the classroom and inside the house. Individual counselors are skilled and attentive to each individual, with individual sessions scheduled throughout the week and move with the curriculum in terms of content and discussions. Individual rooms are comfortably fernished and welcoming, meals are prepared by professionals who foster a family-table setting environment, and provide unique dishes for varying tastes. (Vegetarians and Vegans are catered too and never go hungry.) Meditation and Tai Chi are welcome events of the day, with opportunity for physical and mental growth through relationships formed with the dedicated instructors. Aftercare is superior. Contact with past participants, those of your individual cohort, and with staff members is fostered long after you leave the facility. Bags are checked, but personal freedom is always #1 with staff members. Phones are allowed during specific times during the week, movie nights are savored, books are passed between participants with joy and contact with your authentic self is re-established. Spirituality is favored in parts of the curriculum, but specific faiths or denominations don’t matter at all. Agnostic people are welcome. Not to mention, The Clearing doubles as a sanctuary for retired farm animals that add to the experience exponentially. Goats, ducks, horses, cats, and sheep are available to feed and love. ❤️

Tracy H.

2019-08-25 10:16:46 via Yelp

The clearing is a wonderful place. The program itself is amazing. Hands down this program should benefit your life at some level. I came in there...

Rod B.

2019-02-24 07:46:15 via Yelp

My brother is in his mid-50's, and has been a heavy drinker for about 35 years. I believe he found The Clearing through the hand of God, and spent 6 weeks...

Gregg M.

2018-03-22 13:29:31 via Yelp

This place is truly amazing. It's a tough program, tough to be accepted, and tough to finish. But those who do are transformed. People come in broken and...

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