Sober Living Properties Draper House offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Draper, UT

Sober Living Properties Draper House is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Sober Living Properties Draper House, you may contact their Draper offices via phone at 801-386-9889.

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Chris Heaton

2019-06-09 02:05:20 via Google

What an amazing, safe, comfortable and clean place to live! My experience with sober living properties has been a great one, a little over a year now and I've completely turned my entire life around. Love this place!

Trevor Morrison

2017-05-16 16:48:25 via Google

When I left treatment in 2013, I was encouraged to get into a sober living house. I fought this tooth and nail, however, things just fell into place and Mike Brown went out of his way to really help me out and make sure I was taken care of. This place saved my butt!! Being fresh out of treatment I was quite panicked once I was out in the "real world" again. The structure and feeling of a safe place I could come home to with a bunch of like-minded gentlemen made the world of difference! Still to this day I speak with Mike and considering how many people come in and out of these houses and people he deals with he still remembers me and is always genuine and loving. Love this organization!

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