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Enterhealth Life Recovery Center Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Van Alstyne, TX

Enterhealth Life Recovery Center Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Enterhealth Life Recovery Center Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment, you may contact their Van Alstyne offices via phone at 800-388-4601.

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Robert Fowler

2019-08-29 14:37:39 via Google

I’m now over one year alcohol-free following my stay at Enterhealth Ranch. I attribute my success to medically assisted treatment, diagnosis and treatment of a previously unrecognized mental health condition, and an alternative to the traditional 12 Step program. I feel fortunate to have found Enterhealth when I did. The doctors, counselors, and support staff were top notch and always concerned and respectful. I don’t live in Texas so I had to travel to receive treatment. I’d do it again and I would recommend the same to others.

Jacob Harper

2019-01-17 18:59:06 via Google

Great treatment facility! The staff here is wonderful and treats you with respect. Smart recovery is offered alongside 12 step and they also give you an understanding of what is medically available to help you fight for your recovery. Great therapists to help with individual issues you may be dealing with. If you are looking for help with addiction this is the place to be. Individual cabins are wonderful and well kempt, and the food is excellent. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for help.

Jeff P

2019-01-17 18:51:32 via Google

I have been to other facilities, EnterHealth stand out. The environment is VERY conducive to recovery. The entire care team is involved in your recovery and the majority of group sessions are led by a very engaging instructor. The community areas and personal lodgings/meals are great. Leaving EnterHealth, I felt that I had the tools required for a successful recovery. I have significantly more confidence leaving EH than I did upon discharge from the other inpatient options.

John S

2019-02-19 21:42:12 via Google

I have waited until I had a year of sobriety before I wrote a review of Enterhealth (I was there for 90 days January-April 2018). I had my last drink on January 20, 2018, I am still sober and could not have done it without Enterhealth. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m a 52 year old male, professional, hold an advanced degree, married, two kids in college and a drinker for 35 plus years, with last 6 years to extreme excess and I went to Enterhealth completely on my own accord. When I arrived at Enterhealth my health was failing, my wife had moved out, my kids were not speaking to me, and I was on the verge of losing my job. Now, let me say this up front, yes, Enterhealth is expensive. But in my view, worth the cost. Enterhealth was the first place to recognize that I actually have a mental disorder (severe depression and severe anxiety) and had been way over medicating myself with alcohol. Simply not drinking was not going to solve the problem. Prior to going to Enterhealth, I had been to two other facilities where no attention was given to anything beyond stopping the drinking addiction. Both failed miserably. Enterhealth’s dual diagnosis treatment program first got my alcoholism under control and then was able to treat my underlying mental disorders. The doctors worked carefully with me to monitor and adjust my medication on a weekly basis. The councilors were very caring and extremely helpful in uncovering the root cause behind my drinking along with educating me on all the different aspects of my dual diagnosis. I must also mention the didactic program. I am one of those people who want to know the how and why and what do about it. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge of how addiction works and how it affects the human body. Furthermore, I was taught how to live to avoid the addiction in the first place. How to recognize an approaching problem and then what to do to keep from taking that first drink. The nurses are fabulous (just don’t knock on the window). The techs were great and the food was pretty darn good also. The facilities are nice (not extravagant) and I appreciated that I had a separate room. The only real disappointment was that any extra items (massage, haircut, acupuncture, etc.) were on an al la cart system and not included in your daily rate. Overall, I will, and have to close friend, recommend Enterhealth. If you want sobriety, are willing to work and follow their treatment plan, you have a chance. BTW, my wife and I are back together, my kids are speaking to me, my health is much improved and I kept my job.

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