Volunteers of America Texas Inc LIGHT San Antonio offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in San Antonio, TX

Volunteers of America Texas Inc LIGHT San Antonio is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Volunteers of America Texas Inc LIGHT San Antonio, you may contact their San Antonio offices via phone at 210-558-0731.

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Emily Wood

2019-09-25 08:38:17 via Google

I was sent to VOA by the courts. I had been in jail for 12 months prior (from Dec 2017 to July 2 2018, and July 22 2018 to Dec 2018). I was also going on 8 months pregnant with my first child. I hadn't had a drink since December 2017 and really didn't think I needed treatment. I had never been in trouble, before the incident that landed me in jail. It took 2 months after being sentenced to arrive at VOA. I was just glad to be out of jail. I feel like I did learn new ways to cope with stress, and had some very insightful discussions with my wonderful counselor. I was threatened to be kicked out of the program for asking for a fan in my room. When I arrived, every room had a box fan. At some point during that first month, for whatever reason, they decided to remove the fans. I was 7 or 8 months pregnant, and the side of the building that my room was on got VERY warm, and being stuck on the bottom bunk of a bunkbed made air flow even more difficult to feel. (Each room had one single bed and one bunkbed.) When I went to one of my prenatal visits, I asked the obgyn if I could have a note stating my request for a fan. I thought it was ridiculous that we couldn't have them back. No reason was ever given, but you'll find that the staff doesn't really ever feel that they have to explain anything to you. When I arrived back at the building and presented the note, the director asked me, "Is this going to be a problem?" I asked what he meant-- the fan? And he repeated the question and then told me that "maybe this isn't the program for you," and if I was going to make a scene about not getting a fan, I would be unsuccessfully discharged. Like -- what? I had done NOTHING up to this point to suggest that I would try and cause anyone issues. I was just really freakin' uncomfortable in that sticky, hot room shared with two other women, and here, this man was threatening to KICK ME OUT for trying to get something that would make me more comfortable...something that we had when I got there. I was sent to VOA by probation. If he had discharged me for that little thing, that was not AT ALL related to my RECOVERY, I would be looking at possible prison time! I think the director needs to take a refresher course in kindness, and maybe not jump to the conclusion that every person there is just itching for a fight. I really don't know why the threat was necessary. What you learn here is great, and the counselors and mentors are pretty great. I just don't see how what I did warranted such an ugly threat from the director of this program!

T Kristine

2018-09-14 20:00:51 via Google

I was a resident there for three be months finished the program I love the Voa I met Life long friends + still stay contact with the employees with just a phonecall to share my success in life changed my life mentally and physically I am going on nine months sober I loved it.

Anita Fulmer

2018-04-24 15:21:51 via Google

Worked there for almost 8 years. Great place.

Fierce Lotus

2019-09-24 15:02:19 via Google

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