TRS Behavioral Care Inc The Right Step San Antonio offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in San Antonio, TX

TRS Behavioral Care Inc The Right Step San Antonio is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at TRS Behavioral Care Inc The Right Step San Antonio, you may contact their San Antonio offices via phone at 210-541-8400.

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Hans Roehrig

2019-05-29 18:58:36 via Google

I completed two months of IOP at Right-Step/Positive Recovery. The experience was everything I hoped for, needed and more. These people know their stuff! My addiction was, fortunately, not long, but it was bad. I came to them after a rehab stay and wasn’t sure how much more they would add to my recovery – and they added a ton. They understand addiction – the psychoeducation lectures are phenomenal…. But even more, they are a phenomenal team of counselors. On the one hand, there is tremendous compassion and grace – as is so desperately needed when someone is struggling through the shame and pain of addiction and relapse. At the same time, they can be tough as nails when that is required. I needed some of both. I benefited tremendously and am very glad that I chose to go there. I would highly and unreservedly recommend them to anyone else struggling with addiction!


2018-11-18 22:16:08 via Google

I called to get some information and MR Steve Murphy was extremely polite and patient. Even though i wasn’t eligible to attend this center he still took his time and gave me other resources and numbers so that i would find what i needed. He treated me like a human being and was far away from judgements as possible Thank you MR Steve Murphy .

Nelson Riley

2017-07-27 03:28:10 via Google

Steve and the Right Step team are consummate professionals that truly care about their patients' recovery. The 8 week Intensive Outpatient Program is absolutely, positively life changing. They give you the tools needed to stay sober and become life-long advocates through the After Care Program.

Zachary Cantu

2017-11-09 19:01:46 via Google

I came into this program because i was mandated by the court for my probation. Luckily my insurance covered this program because what i got out of it was so much more than what i expected. I honestly did not want to do this program. i just did it to fulfill my probation and go on my way. I did not anticipate for the right step to have such a huge impact on the way i viewed life and the world i live in. It brought me into a better state of mind as well as the person i truly am inside. This program is probably one of the best decisions i could of made in my life as a young adult. The Counselors are great and can definitely relate with a lot of people. They genuinely care about each and every one that is in their care.I do not believe i could have achieved the state of sobriety without having taken this course, nor would i of wanted too, and for that i am extremely great-full. I think every class had something usefull to take from and overall the program is a help in someones whos struggling with addictions life.

Susan Steen

2011-09-30 00:06:10 via Google

What an amazingly wonderful program! We had seen other programs for IOP, and there is no question about the quality of the treatment program being run on Blanco Road. Thanks to Steve, Courtney, and Lindsay for a life changing experience.

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