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Fulshear Treatment to Transition offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Needville, TX

Fulshear Treatment to Transition is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Fulshear Treatment to Transition , you may contact their Needville offices via phone at 888-317-9229.

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Iva Skufca

2019-06-01 14:16:09 via Google

Fulshear Treatment to Transition Center is a program I would highly recommend to families looking for help with their young adult daughter and have lost all hope regarding their future. This was the situation our family found ourselves in 9 months ago and struggled to know how to help. It was our desire to place her in a program that really understood her difficulties. Immediately, after visiting the program, I felt that Fulshear had the experience and professional staff to successfully work with our child. I would encourage any family contemplating a inpatient treatment to make an inquiry into this program. As we discovered during our daughter’s treatment, a path to a healthy outlook really begins with a greater understanding and commitment to the process of recovery. Fulshear provided the education and life skills needed to help our daughter have a healthy mind set. The transition part of the program was the key to her success and I am so thankful this program makes this a part of the treatment process. The treatment team staff and therapist work together to create a transition plan that I believe was so essential in her successful graduation of the program. The cost for treatment is expensive, but in our families circumstance worth it for the professional services and care provided. Fulshear was a superb program and we are very grateful for its commitment and managed approach to help our daughter.

Kristen Laurence

2019-07-24 20:34:52 via Google

As a mother I was very nervous & skeptical about how my daughters experience at Fulshear would be. We had been through so much already. I was explained exactly how things would work, what I could expect, what Kens could expect & exactly how treatment would go & who was a part of her treatment team. It was difficult to leave as I lived in another state, but Helaine & her staff made the transition smooth. I always knew how things were going & would get calls when my daughter earned her phone time. Family weekend is held 4 times a year & I attended every one of them. My daughter was there just shy of a year. Fulshear saved her life, it saved our mother daughter relationship. For the first time ever, my daughter had a chance at life. It wasn’t an easy year & she put hard work into her recovery, but she is a different person. She is amazing , happy, loveable, compassionate. Fulshear helped teach her how to live independently. She now lives in Houston, with a roommate, has a job & is going to Vet Tech school. I have the best time visiting her! It’s hard to leave. Thank you Fulshear for giving me my daughter back!!

Sarah E

2019-09-20 17:14:29 via Google

I recently graduated from this program and while there is a LOT I could say about the negatives of this place (inexperienced and incompetent staff, inconsistency regarding transportation, etc.), my therapist (Alicia) was great. The program itself was okay. HOWEVER, Fulshear was unable to correctly transfer my medications to my new pharmacy, something I just found out as I was trying to get a refill. Because of this screw-up, I now have to go for an extended period of time without my antidepressant. I am very disappointed in how this is affecting me post-graduation seeing as this should be a no-brainer. EDIT: I ended up getting my meds the day I posted this review after I informed Fulshear that there was a lack of medication at my pharmacy. Turns out I apparently have two CVS accounts (?????). Glad I got my meds but my original opinion still stands.

Landon Kirk

2019-09-17 20:17:20 via Google

A wonderful treatment program with caring, warm employees and leaders

Kibbe B

2019-05-15 23:42:45 via Google

A little more than a year ago we were faced with transporting my daughter from True North Wilderness in VT to Fulshear in TX. Unfortunately they wouldn’t have an opening for her at the ranch until a week later. We were concerned because coming home in the interim wasn’t an option. Della at Fulshear helped us by doing some research and recommending a number of activities to keep us occupied in the Houston area. Three days later my daughter’s anxiety and depression got the best of her (and me). Unsure where to turn for support I called Della who immediately got on the phone with my daughter. I was able to breathe again, we survived the rest of our down time and arrived at Fulshear on schedule. I didn’t realize it at the time but Della’s dedication to my daughter’s well being was characteristic of everyone my wife and I encountered while she was in the care of the Fulshear organization. Leaving our Daughter at the ranch was a tumultuous mixture of relief and sadness. Within a week regular communications with the clinical and residential staff were established. We knew who to contact if we received an unsettling or upsetting text or call from our kid. Then our 20 year old started to implode. The staff predicted the behavior and was able to see our daughter and us through the difficult first weeks. I have to confess that at first it was difficult to distinguish fact from fiction when our young adult communicated with us. The residential staff took our calls at any hour, listened carefully and always worked to satisfy our need for clarity. Clarity became our mantra as we entered into family therapy. Our therapist Duke helped us clarify our family situation, objectives, progress, pitfalls, and setbacks, as well as clarify our individual feelings and family dynamics. Slowly but surely we became a healthier and increasingly honest family. Duke employed his interest, expertise, and experience working with the complex profile of our adopted daughter. He helped her process the trauma of her first two years of life and her ensuing challenges with family, personal, and professional relationships. He taught the skills necessary to cope, predict, monitor, and adjust to life and challenged her to use them. I was particularly impressed with his direct and honest approach to everything. Our daughter met regularly with Hannah a Fulshear life-skills and transition specialist. At first we didn’t fully grasp the meaning and importance of life-skills but Hannah maintained consistent communication with us and we came to understand the nature and importance of taking a deliberate approach to building a functional young adult. Even from afar it was clear that Hannah was teaching skills that would help well beyond the year at Fulshear. She coached and taught throughout the year and as our child neared graduation Hannah was right there supporting her preparations for life beyond the program. Monica, an insightful substance abuse counselor and mentor was a positive, encouraging, and realistic support to our daughter. She facilitated structure, and self awareness that are adding up to month after month of healthier sober living. Finally, I want to mention Fulshear’s family programming. Every few months all of the families were invited to the ranch for an educational, social, and therapeutic gathering. Every moment was meaningful and useful especially the opportunity to speak directly with other families that were experiencing similar if not identical trauma. Its amazing to speak with people who “get it” instantly! To their credit the people mentioned above, the nursing staff, and the residential staff worked as a well coordinated team to the benefit of our family. Now that our child has graduated please accept our admiration and appreciation for all the expert and compassionate care you've provided.

Nahia A.

2021-05-06 12:01:20 via Yelp

As an employee of Fulshear since 2016 I can say with confidence that this program has changed my life. I have witnessed more than 95 young women graduate...

Hannah M.

2020-04-05 14:43:41 via Yelp

I was at Fulshear for 14 months, and I left at the beginning of October of 2019. I struggled with random mental health issues that surfaced about a year or...

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