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BRC Recovery offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Manor, TX

BRC Recovery is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at BRC Recovery , you may contact their Manor offices via phone at 866-905-4550.

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Pamela Watts

2019-09-19 23:43:31 via Google

BRC is the "gold standard" in treatment. Coming from a long line of alcoholics, I've never seen so much tough love and pure love for my addicted son. They literally saved his life with their combined experience, strength and hope. Thank you!

Rich Whitman

2019-10-26 18:06:46 via Google

First let me say Mark Houston the cofounder and I went back many years. He was my friend and colleague. Mark was the father of this treatment model and Marsha and her team have brought it to the cutting edge that it is today. I personally have been working in this industry since the early 80s I am presently operate Whitman Recovery Service. The best review I can give is you cannot argue with the results. I am a professional Interventionist and I am called upon to work with a very difficult clientele. BRC and their programs are in my opinion rank as one of the best.

Chris Howard

2019-03-20 03:47:22 via Google

As the owner of a long term recovery home I understand the value of structure and accountability in early recovery. BRC has an amazing team and clinical staff that is second-to-none. In addition, they have an alumni network that spans across the country, so support is always a phone call away. The time I spent meeting with their team, alumni, and residents left an indelible impression on my soul and continues to inspire me in my work in the addiction field. If your loved one has been in multiple treatment centers and cannot figure it out, BRC ALL THE WAY!!!

Evan Ramsey

2019-03-05 04:40:25 via Google

I arrived at BRC in January of 2016, walked through the doors straight off of the streets with no where else to go, my family was pretty much done with me. My mom had decided to give me one last shot at doing something different. The staff there went out of their way to help while I was in and also for the 7 months in sober living, today I am still friends with many of the people I went through with. BRC led me to a better life, one with a group of friends and great relationships with everyone in my family. At 3 years sober I live a life I never thought possible.

Nadia Jafar Burns

2019-03-06 04:50:02 via Google

BRC is unlike any other treatment center I had been to. I was unable to hide and fly under the radar, and thank goodness because doing that was killing me. BRC didn't negotiate with my disease and helped me to see beneath the surface of my alcoholism so I could begin to heal its causes and conditions. The women who worked there helped me to not feel alone and terminally unique; I was able to identify with them and admired how how they showed up in life - they were truly living recovered lives AND were actually happy! I wanted what they had. There's no doubt in my mind that BRC saved my life, and for that I am eternally grateful!

None S.

2016-09-11 04:51:07 via Yelp

Excellent..The staff are warm and welcome you with open arms..there are truly professionals working there..They listen to your problems and work with you to...

Rich W.

2019-12-03 20:48:45 via Yelp

There are not very many treatment centers that I think we deserve five stars. I have been referring to in helping to operate treatment center since 1983. I...

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