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Ranch at Dove Tree offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Lubbock, TX

Ranch at Dove Tree is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Ranch at Dove Tree , you may contact their Lubbock offices via phone at 888-980-6524.

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Rich Whitman

2019-08-21 17:33:12 via Google

The Dove Tree is one of those treatment center that has consistently deliver good treatment throughout the years. My experience with them is that they deliver great mix therapeutic at 12 step philosophy to get close anyone that firm foundation they need to begin their recovery. Rich Whitman Whitman Recovery Service

Dona Murray

2019-06-27 16:13:52 via Google

We love the Ranch at Dove Tree and it has been a blessing for our son. They are extremely helpful, supportive, and encouraging. I read negative reviews, but if your child doesn't want help, the experience is going to negative. Our son wanted help and he has put in the work to overcome his addiction. Therefore, the experience has been great. We recommend this facility to anyone that has addiction issues and needs help.

Taylor Wesley

2019-10-30 14:55:50 via Google

I am five years sober since going to Dove Tree. I was also given the coping skills to take care of my mental and physical health. A therapist in IOP there changed my life and gave me wings.

Kelli Boydstun

2017-09-21 02:45:21 via Google

The Ranch at Dove Tree in Lubbock and the staff there will always hold a special place in my heart . This past year I found myself at a terrible place in life. I really had no hope for me or my family. I had struggled with alcoholism myself for 30 + years and had two sons in their twenties who I was watching die in addiction themselves. I went for treatment in December. Dove Tree was a sanctuary and a top notch treatment experience that helped me begin a journey of hope and recovery . Since then both of my boys have had a chance at recovery . Dove Tree reached out to my youngest son even after his 30 day stay and supported us through a very difficult time giving him another chance and both of us hope . I cannot say enough good things about the caring, skilled professionals at Dove Tree that save lives and restore hope each and every day .

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