Pathway to Recovery offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in La Marque, TX

Pathway to Recovery is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Pathway to Recovery , you may contact their La Marque offices via phone at 409-933-4366.

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Chris Harvey

2019-03-15 02:57:13 via Google

I had a great experience here. Staff and counselors were great and i have now been clean 18 months.

Tx Moving Authority

2019-01-22 22:10:16 via Google

Anybody giving this place a negative review didn't apply themselves. I've only been gone for two weeks but its by far the best place i've ever been. They drill the disease concept in you. Its up to the person upon exiting to continue what they learned. I've been to Sierra tucson which is regarded as one ot the top rehabs in the country but wasn't accountable there. You are accountable at pathway. Do the work save your life and give the ones around you a break. Hello to my pathway warriors...LTJ

Rick Cole

2018-07-10 18:03:11 via Google

I was a client, then a house manager, and then I was a counselor intern while attending school. I worked there for about 2 years at Angelton and in La Marque. The place is well run with the exception of authority qualifications. As employees, we were told to always call the Program Director for any problems encountered. I had a little more leeway being an intern but still limited on most opin ions. The owner of all three houses is a friendly guy, but he is out for the money. I won't say names, but there were 2 employees there that had no counseling experience but were put in charge of the facilities because of the fact they were former clients and had no where else to go. Again, the place can help you if you apply yourself. The ease of addiction is on a continuing 12 step program. You can't go to a rehab and think that after you leave, you will be saved. YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE LIVING AS A RECOVERING ADDICT AND ATTEND REGULAR 12 STEP MEETINGS. Richard Cole C.I.

Kathy Bailey

2017-04-24 18:39:47 via Google

Disclaimer: I did not participate in rehab here and don't need to. My son did. And he is not sober yet. BUT, this is a five star review. Why? Because there is something different about this place - (I normally use the word "facility" but it doesn't fit here). I can't explain it or describe it exactly, but if this option is right for you, you will know it at a cellular level ~ in your heart ~ when you first enter. And though my son is not yet sober ~ his use of substances has been more controlled than in the past 17 years. I believe this facility helped him more than all the others (five) and all the counseling put together. He's not "there" yet ~ still on his path; but, in my heart I know he will reach RECOVERY and I know it will be largely due to the foundation set at Pathway to Recovery. I am forever grateful and remain hopeful.

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