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Kingwood Pines Hospital offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Kingwood, TX

Kingwood Pines Hospital is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Kingwood Pines Hospital , you may contact their Kingwood offices via phone at 281-404-1001 x114.

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Maggie Fife

2019-10-24 03:04:02 via Google

They’ve always been good to my son. I’m surprised by some of the reviews as well! My biggest complaint with Kingwood Pines is the follow up care that the patients receive after leaving the hospital( meaning they get them stable, hopeful but once they leave the hospital) they are on their own!


2019-11-10 18:31:38 via Google

I would like to say Thank You to the Staff at the Kingwood Pines Hospital. I suffered from intense panic, depression and self harm and had to have my meds adjusted. The Kingwood Pines is a safe place to recover, no matter your addiction. The staff is Awesome. They spent many hours talking me through my darkness and supporting me often. I now have new meds that are working wonderfully. I also have a bunch of new friends (other patients) who walked the walk with me. They helped save my life. If sharing my experience can save one life, here’s something a friend shared with me: Grapes must be crushed to make wine Diamonds form under pressure Olives are pressed to released oil Seeds grow in darkness Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed or in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation I am thankful to God for this life lesson. He is my life, joy and hope.


2019-10-18 17:26:38 via Google

I know someone who had a good experience here, compared to other psych hospitals. I am a little surprised by some of the reviews. I really think everyone’s experience and perception are going to be different, but I’ve worked at another psych hospital before that has higher reviews and am convinced that that hospital was way worse in terms of patient care than this one.

Erika H.

2021-04-10 10:54:45 via Yelp

Kingwood Pines is a safe, clean environment to help those in need. The staff doesn't get enough credit! This has to be the hardest job. They are kind and...

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