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Kemah Palms Recovery offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Kemah, TX

Kemah Palms Recovery is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Kemah Palms Recovery , you may contact their Kemah offices via phone at 713-568-1210.

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2018-09-01 00:42:40 via Google

If there were more stars, Kemah Palms would get a ten from me. Coming into treatment can always be challenging. The reception and hospitality that I received from The clinical team down to the Ra's was amazing. In the end a new dimension has been added to my life. A super big thank you to Dr. Flowers, Kimberly B, Michael, Dave S., Randi, Sam, Linda, everyone really! A piece of my heart remains at Kemah Palms. I will forever be grateful. KP is were it's at, Please don't hesitate! Much love to Y'all!!!!

Wendy Baum

2018-05-14 21:38:44 via Google

My daughter had an excellent experience here during her methadone detox. We have been to many facilities over the years as she has fought her addiction. Kemah Palms ranks right up there at the top. We appreciate greatly the staff's care, dedication and professionalism. She is doing very well now, months after leaving the facility.

Brandon West

2018-10-28 20:13:14 via Google

Very well organized and run facilities. They are dedicated to you and your families recovery.

Sara Breeding

2018-03-26 11:37:56 via Google

I went through treatment at Kemah Palms in July 2016. Through Kemah Palms I got my start in recovery and a fresh start in life. The counselors and staff are wonderful and showed me that my addiction is a disease. I was shown that my disease can be managed by working the Twelve Step Program and that through this program, I can have a better life, free of addiction. Kemah Palms also worked with my family through their family program and got my family started in their recovery as well, as this truly is a family disease. I have been sober for 21 months and am very blessed and grateful to have gotten my new start in life at Kemah Palms.


2018-11-09 17:29:04 via Google

Simply a great facility.

Christina H.

2021-04-17 00:19:54 via Yelp

Literally the best recovery center for addiction! They have the best staff and their facilities are amazing! I'm telling you if you have the place to check...

Matthew S.

2021-03-22 15:08:43 via Yelp

Staff is compassionate, knowledgeable, and have actual experience in recovery. Use a lot of counseling knowledge and less A.A. and NA info which is...

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