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La Hacienda Treatment Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Hunt, TX

La Hacienda Treatment Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at La Hacienda Treatment Center , you may contact their Hunt offices via phone at 830-238-4222.

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Tim Warp

2019-03-16 15:23:57 via Google

Exceptional facility. The high level of care and the ability to treat almost any form of addiction makes this one of the premier treatment centers available. Very clean and comfortable housing with a great variety of activities. Their program insures each person is better prepared to return to a new and successful life free of addiction. Having been through one of their programs, I can say they made it possible for me to remain clean and sober to this day.

Brittany Bass

2019-06-11 21:02:00 via Google

Great facility. This is where I first heard the solution after many other attempts with behavioral modification programs. The seed was planted here.

Ashley H

2019-10-10 19:14:00 via Google

Great facility, caring staff.

Elizabeth Almon-Keelan

2018-07-21 07:57:10 via Google

Everyone is understanding there. But, I’m having a seriously hard time tonight and couldn’t get ahold of my people locally. So I called at 2:15 am tonight and spoke with Sheila one RN there and thank God she was there because she and I truly bonded and I trust her. And that isn’t easy when you have PTSD and abuse. I cannot begin to describe the understanding, compassion, support and even love I just experienced. These words aren’t near enough. I’m so thankful. And even though no person can fix an addict...she gave me the most hope I’ve felt since leaving. Thank you have no idea what you did for me tonight. Also, the Dr’s are phenomenal...for me especially the young Dr. Boone and Dr. McQueen. There’s so much compassion...that we addicts aren’t used to. My counselor Natalie...has forever changed my life to. For the first time in 38 yrs of trauma and abuse I’m making progress and have hope that it can be done!! Thank you all!! You have no idea how your center has changed my life!!! Love you all. There is hope.

Jerod I.

2021-03-26 18:43:44 via Yelp

You can't always believe the horrible reviews. You have to keep in mind that they're dealing with people in the midst of their throws with addiction. If...

Haley W.

2020-10-20 13:24:30 via Yelp

La Hacienda is top quality care in a beautiful environment. If you are looking for addiction recovery in Texas, I recommend La Ha.

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