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West Oaks Hospital Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Houston, TX

West Oaks Hospital Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at West Oaks Hospital Inc , you may contact their Houston offices via phone at 713-778-5250.

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Brenda Gibson

2019-11-06 22:38:43 via Google

There were so much to learn, and the team of skilled counselors and supervisors were ready to teach what was needed to make interns proficient in their practice. The nursing staff was great to work with as well.

Oscar Gutierrez

2019-11-19 00:48:20 via Google

The staff is wonderful. They care to your needs and help you through the struggle. The only time the enforce order is with the “booty juice”. Always behave and you will have a great stay.

JoAnn Perez

2019-09-28 01:00:00 via Google

5 stars for great Dr., 5 stars for most nurses, techs, assessments, and the discharge planner. I wish I could remember all your names for the props you so deserve. . As with any place, you will find some staff that talk down to you or ignore your needs, but then there are those who fiercely advocate for your needs. I was very grateful to get in there because it was a lifesaver at a critical time and I got such a wonderful Dr. Yes, insurance companies stand between Drs and patients. That is pretty much everywhere. Insurance companies often even interfere with meds. And they sure control your stay. But I was very satisfied with my brief stay because of the excellent aftercare connections. Regarding my stay, overall it was very good with a few unavoidable disturbances. This is to be expected on a unit treating a wide variety of problems. Was it like the Hilton Hotel? No. But then, I am not a Rockefeller either. Mental Health support from the State and from the federal govt is pretty dismal and doctors/staff/groups/stays are limited. So, when you vote, express your concerns about mental health and the role of insurance to limit services, to your representatives, presidential candidates, etc. Tell them that is an important issue for the country. The same goes for medical care. These are issues at every hospital. Thanks so much to the majority kind, caring staff!

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