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Into Action Recovery Center Inc Outpatient offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Houston, TX

Into Action Recovery Center Inc Outpatient is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Into Action Recovery Center Inc Outpatient, you may contact their Houston offices via phone at 844-694-3576.

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Brandon Saad

2019-09-30 13:18:58 via Google

Great place to come if you want a serious change in your life! Staff is extremely patient and considerate, and helps with every step in this process. There is no pool, and I wouldn't call the food gourmet, but you do get fed four times a day. All in all this place has turned me into a completely different person and I am more sober than I have been in 18 years! If you're having any second thoughts about starting this process, this place will change your mind within the first couple days. Just do it!

Crystal Arocha

2019-10-03 02:28:12 via Google

So thankful for this place. I didn’t personally go here, but I had someone very close to me go here. He, to this day, says that he is grateful for Into Action because it saved his life. He applies his knowledge he gained here in his everyday life. Teaches me things too. Has me reflecting on myself. This place is nothing short of remarkable. Forever grateful to everyone!

Michael Romero

2019-08-26 13:26:04 via Google

Into action has truly saved my life with their unique approach to recovering. The food is amazing with their own in house chefs. The staff and nurses are absolutely amazing and truly do care about your well being. I would recommend this treatment center to anyone whom is struggling with alcohol and addiction.

Chandler C.

2019-08-02 14:25:20 via Google

Into Action is like a hole in the wall restaurant- a hidden gem of recovery. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Not because they spoil their clients (although the staff really treated me very nicely. I was overwhelmed upon arrival at how generous and affectionate they were toward me; someone they'd never met- just some drunk) but because of the schematics of it all and how the program's laid out. It's the perfect environment for men and women to realize their good nature, put it in to practice, instill in themselves a philosophy that will truly keep them sober, and most importantly- put it in to action. I'm not a fan of the cycle of rehab-relapse-rehab. But I think about the good times there, the funny people, the powerful realizations- and I find myself smiling. This is the one place I'll reccommend to anybody that desires a true change. There are great guys coming through the program all the time. I could name 6 or 7 men that shared their wisdom with me; 6 or 7 guys that rubbed off on me and made Me a better guy. I appreciate them profusely. Good luck with you or your loved one. Move around, -Chandler

Penny Phillips

2019-11-16 21:08:05 via Google

My husband was there about 2 years ago and they were so good to him. It was a little late for him, cause his liver was to damage. He really like the staff. He passed in March 2018. I am trying to get his friend to go there cause he needs help. He is depressed and thinks drinking is the answer.

Travis M.

2018-07-19 21:06:51 via Yelp

I just checked out this morning after a 30 day stay, this was my first rehab & im 35 yrs old. I accomplished everything i intended too and i would...

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