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Menninger Clinic offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Houston, TX

Menninger Clinic is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Menninger Clinic , you may contact their Houston offices via phone at 713-275-5000.

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Jennifer Clark

2019-11-25 14:58:57 via Google

My 16yo son spent 2 weeks at Menninger for depression. The facility and staff are top notch. I would highly recommend. Of course, the downside is the expense, but that is more a reflection of mental health care in this country

Jane Barney

2019-09-15 16:26:41 via Google

Wonderful Experience. A very close friend of mine is going through the CPAS unit currently. She is doing better-in fact she seems to be thriving. The staff seem very well educated, personable, and friendly. So far so good. Praying for the best possible outcome!

David Clawson

2019-09-15 16:38:37 via Google

The patience and understanding displayed during my time at Menninger has been exemplary! Thank you for caring and showing Love to all the patients; you aren't praised enough. Taking the time to address individual concerns and to not rest until problems are resolved has given me new respect for ALL who work at Menninger! Again, thank you.

Sterling Minor

2019-11-05 11:15:17 via Google

The hospital has a superior staff, including the nursing staff and counseling staff. The food is excellent. Except for religious activity available for all, the hospital nearly shuts down Sundays; programming is needed for Sunday.

Allen P

2019-07-11 01:11:49 via Google

I was at the Menninger Clinic several years ago. Me leaving was up to my parents. They didn’t like it because they never saw a difference when they visited and possibly the price, too. So they pulled me out and went elsewhere. I really liked Menninger actually, mainly due to not being prescribed lot of medications. "Elsewhere" put me on a lot of medicine and at high doses. My advice would be to speak as much as you can to the doctor. Make sure you are getting the right medicine at the right dose. Con would be too many rules and not much outside. Pro: friendly staff, good food.

Cherly T.

2020-07-03 22:53:38 via Yelp

Would've been 5 starts if it weren't for two reasons... the out patient doctor Jon Stevens is an absolute prick of a psychiatrist who laughed in my face...

David G.

2016-01-22 10:34:25 via Yelp

If you are looking for a great restaurant there is no harm no foul if the deck is loaded by the business who enlists their friends to bolster the bushiness...

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