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El Dorado Texas Community Services Durham Drive Health Services offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Houston, TX

El Dorado Texas Community Services Durham Drive Health Services is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at El Dorado Texas Community Services Durham Drive Health Services, you may contact their Houston offices via phone at 713-636-9138.

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2019-06-22 11:48:55 via Google

Great Methadone clinic. I started treatment in Feb 2017 for prescription painkiller abuse and I made a bad decision and went to a different clinic, Texas Treatment Center on 34th st. and ended up transferring here once TTC got out of hand. After attending TTC for a year and 8 months with not one dirty UA (See my review about them) I transferred here. The counselors here care about your treatment. If you are in need of treatment and want to put effort into your treatment this is the place to be. I was able to find employment and be a productive citizen while on treatment and I was also able to move up to monthlies after moving from twice a month. I've been coming here since august of 2018, and I transferred here on weeklies. I complied with the program, I show my prescriptions to my counselor every month, I goto groups, and I was able to level up to twice a month then to once a month. I never have trouble here. If you're at a clinic and you're really putting effort into your treatment then you should definitely come here. I was at TTC for a year and a half and I was on weeklies with them for almost 7 months of full program compliance with no level up... so the transfer was well worth the change. They are also the best priced clinic if you're a cash customer. Other clinics charge more and crazy fees that are illegal. This clinic is great The only downside is that sometimes there is a bit of a wait. But during that wait time you can get your counselor and monthly ua stuff taken care of. I don't socialize with the people here outside of group, but I haven't noticed anything unethical here since I transferred. The other clinic, TTC, had people doing drug deals right in front of the director in the mornings. Terrible place when you're trying to better yourself. To the entire staff here: Keep up the good work!

Laura Bullock

2019-10-30 15:32:49 via Google

I love the staff, When you walk in your always welcome with a smile from the lady behind the front desk which makes anyone having a bad day feel better :)Miss L💚 Followed by the sweetest medical assistant that makes every single person feel important , Which is important for some of us because we always have a bad finger pointed at you from our past mistakes, She is the best! Then you got my favorite counseler Mrs, Alexis, who has been helping me & when I say that she really cares about her clients " I am dead serious" She always makes time for me ,even if she is busy, she listens to me and gives me positive and great advice, I have walked in there almost crying and falling apart and I walk out with a huge smile on my face and a new positive outlook ! She is a true blessing, She is the reason I got courage to start school! !Warren is always there with a friendly smile on his face and a nice " hello" " Claudia is so sweet and gives such good classes , Julie always helped me when I had a problem and always has a beautiful vibe! , the nurses are all awesome! We our all trying to push forward through that brick wall but this time , We have people helping us and sometimes we may mess up but you will never see a worker there with there finger pointed at us looking down on us , only cheering for us to get back up and get back on that wagon.. So my point to all of this and I know some will read this and laugh is that for at least myself they are family and they play a huge part in my recovery so I would reccomend them to anyone out there who wants to change there life or transfer to a good clinic This is the one :) God bless & Good luck. Laura Bullock

laura bullock

2018-07-28 22:26:42 via Google

Love this clinic and staff! Love them like they are part of my family, Love the beautiful receptionist, The nurses, sweet medical assistant, My beautiful counseler, I love the big boss too. . Really good peeps! 😁😁😁😁

Trill Cosby

2018-03-30 21:07:25 via Google

One of the nicest, friendly most professional clinics I have been to. Very easy to do intake and start a program and a very good location. If you are on methadone maintenance the dosing hours are a lifesaver(open until 1pm during the work week) so you can do MMT and live a normal life with a job at the same time. They have affordable payment options if you do not have Medicaid or insurance as well and the entire intake process from signing the paperwork to getting the first dose only took about two hours. The doctor also actually looked at me and helped me with other health issues and seemed to genuinely care about my health and not just getting my cash by pushing methadone or suboxone on me. There is not a lot about this place on the web but trust me...If you want to get away from dope while keeping some of your dignity give the Durham clinic a try!

Julie Gadbois

2018-02-08 03:34:35 via Google

Great head nurse. She is tough but she needs to be. Helped me switch to Suboxone (and wean down) when a lot if the staff was uneducated on different treatment plans. I knew she would be able to know. High counselor turnover but I understand. Job is a grind, the nature of the disease once you need MMT doesn't lend itself to a lot of success stories.

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