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Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Georgetown, TX

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Arbor Behavioral Healthcare , you may contact their Georgetown offices via phone at 844-413-2690.

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Matt Gideon

2019-10-30 23:25:57 via Google

I will forever be indebted to The Arbor and to all of their amazing staff. I struggled with addiction/alcoholism for 14 years. After countless attempts to get sober and stay sober, my family set up an intervention and sent me to this beautiful facility. When I arrived, I told the staff that I would do whatever was suggested of me. I was done fighting. I took their direction, was vulnerable with their clinical staff and with my peers, and worked the 12 steps as honestly and as thoroughly as I possibly could. The result I began to experience was absolute freedom, not just from the drugs and alcohol, but from my internal condition as well. The suffering was finally over. I have now been sober for over 3 1/2 years. My life is better than anything I ever could have imagined. I have found gratitude. I have a healthy, loving relationship with all of my family. I am confident that anyone can experience the same results if they participate in this program with the same willingness and honesty that I did. The Arbor provides the necessary tools, but it is up to the addict/alcoholic to take the necessary action. "Faith without works is dead." Matt Gideon Director of Community Relations Any Length Retreat

David Golden

2019-11-26 21:48:37 via Google

This place and these people helped me become a contributing member of society again and I am forever indebted to them ! If you are reading this I would highly recommend their treatment facility. I am happier than I have ever been and more importantly I awake each day with a regained self confidence able to face any challenges without having to rely on drugs or alcohol!

Georgianne Cregg

2019-09-02 21:01:15 via Google

My daughter was admitted to the Arbor in June 2018. She was a lost and addicted soul. Through the incredible caring, professional and committed staff my daughter is committed to a sober way of living. She has been sober for 15 months. The tools, guidance and respect she received and continues to receive from the Arbor has been life changing for her. As a parent they treated me with the utmost honesty and respect and strongly encouraged me to work my program. That I did, and today my daughter and I share a very healthy relationship. Words can not express how incredible the Arbor is. From the bottom of my heart I’m so GRATEFUL she found you. Continue your exceptional work in recovery!

Erie Hebert

2019-10-16 17:25:26 via Google

The broken pieces of addiction are mended at the Arbor from the bond created by fellowship, clinical expertise, and the miracles of the 12 steps. Aside from the picturesque landscape, the Arbor's staff, consummate professionals, embody holistic treatment modalities for clients and families alike. It is absolutely priceless to heal from the complexities of addiction and mental health symptoms and finally "live life on life's terms!"

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