Galveston Recovery Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Galveston, TX

Galveston Recovery Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Galveston Recovery Program , you may contact their Galveston offices via phone at 409-944-4337.

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Kaitlin Michelle

2018-06-25 13:18:27 via Google

My counselor is awesome and makes me feel right at home and comfortable. Worth the time and effort of coming to get assistance!

Krystal Castro

2018-05-11 22:29:56 via Google

Ive been here twice and both times were hands down the best treatment ive had for detoxing. They are down to earth, dont judge, work with you, truly care, and it was just a great program that offered further treatment plans as well like inpatient rehab that is funded so doesnt cost you anything regardless of having health insurance or not. I did the outpatient detox until a bed was available in one of the inpatient treatment facilities and that took no more than 6 days I believe. And they gave me suboxone for those 6 days so I wasnt sick and detoxed comfortably at home. So once inpatient was ready for me, I was already physically detoxed. Its a great program.

Lindsay Harris

2017-05-13 23:33:47 via Google

Best staff ever! They make it a priority to make sure that u do not feel judged at all. Believe it or not they made it to where I was excited to get up every morning and go.

Billie Jean Perrone

2017-08-27 21:57:03 via Google

This place helps addicts of opiates or heroin addiction for free. I know a lot of the counselors and staff. They are very supportive and friendly. You can get help here with a free suboxone program for 2 weeks, but you must attend group meetings, and arrive at 8:30, and stay until 12pm. If you work days, it won't work. Just found out that the detox closed due to funding. Too bad, because it helped so many people. You can still get counselling, but no meds.

charnissa Campbell

2016-07-18 21:10:34 via Google

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