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Bay Area Recovery Center Womens Facility offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Dickinson, TX

Bay Area Recovery Center Womens Facility is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Bay Area Recovery Center Womens Facility, you may contact their Dickinson offices via phone at 281-337-3322.

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Lisa Strong

2019-11-06 02:58:49 via Google

They literally saved my life! The staff and facility are outstanding. Very loving environment. I have been other places and they don’t compare. Highly recommend!

Amanda Shelley

2019-07-17 16:47:23 via Google

I absolutely love this place. Honestly I was sad to leave and I miss it all the time. The staff are absolutely amazing. They treat you like family and the thing is they really do care about you and want to help you and see you stay clean and pass it on to someone else. If your thinking about going to any rehab I would recommend this place 100000% over anywhere else. I promise! I've been to 5 different ones and this place is what will actually change you for the better.

Casey Seychel

2019-07-17 02:37:55 via Google

Bay Area Recovery Center helped me to leave treatment a free woman. The Power felt there is incredible. This is the only place I refer others to now. I am so grateful to have been able to spend time at Bay Area and to be sober and free. It is definitely the best facility I know.

Lori Olson

2019-07-25 12:20:21 via Google

Life changing!!! A little over 2 years ago I came in there a 42 year old woman on deaths door no hope and no future bound up in alcoholism Today I am a free woman one day at a time! PRAISE GOD! Thank you Bay Area!

Richard Leung

2019-01-07 08:54:01 via Google

Did not finish program. Honestly, I do not believe in the steps or any program that if you leave you don’t get your money back, but they had good staff. Counselors are great. They are a business so what do you expect. Brian is the man to go to. Nurse is very caring.

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