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AXCEL Treatment and Recovery Clinic offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Denison, TX

AXCEL Treatment and Recovery Clinic is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at AXCEL Treatment and Recovery Clinic , you may contact their Denison offices via phone at 903-337-0208.

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Nichole Henley

2019-07-17 01:53:52 via Google

I'll tell you what without Axcel my life would be flipped upside down.. I've been clean for 2 yrs now and still going... The staff is awesome.. My Counselor is amazing always there for me, but the Nurse is the best.. They have helped me so much in the last 6 months with my brother being killed to job scheduling changing all the time... They have helped me stay positive and stay on the right track with my recovery chapter.. Thank you guys and all you do..

Allison Lewis

2019-01-09 15:34:30 via Google

From the front desk clerk, nurse and counselors are wonderful and the group I come in with in the morning are wonderful. Everyone in the morning group are very supportive and we all get along and that is very important when you're on this journey. In overall I was blessed to find this place and blessed for the staff and for the people that I have came in contact with there, my counselor is the best and I couldn't ask for a better one although all the counselors are great. This truly is the one the place where you don't have to lie or hide your failures or be ashamed of your past this is more than just a methadone clinic, so much more the counsellor and nurse want you to succeed in your sobriety and that's what they make sure of.

B.J. Smith

2019-04-20 01:40:09 via Google

I am concerned . Staff is good, will go to bat for you. Just wish that the following would be addressed. Visible dirt, trash and hair on floor in lobby. Bathroom is gross, toilet, floor dirty and trash can overflowing. As a man at least I dont sit. The area where you sit and dose is dirty, counter needs cleaned especially after multiple people sit there. Should be wiped off after dosing for day. Germs are not always seen but can still be there. Wonderful staff, important part of my life.

Melissa Meserole

2019-02-17 02:28:33 via Google

It's help me alot. Axcel are the best treatment center!

Lois Marsh

2019-04-17 10:30:42 via Google

The nurses and the counselors both want to be active participants in your recovery.

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