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Crossroads Recovery Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Dallas, TX

Crossroads Recovery Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Crossroads Recovery Center , you may contact their Dallas offices via phone at 214-339-3181.

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Anna Marie

2019-09-24 23:26:46 via Google

It saddens me to go, but I will always remember each face that walked through the doors and started their new journey.Stay focused and take each day as it comes. I'll miss you all dearly. I learned SO much during my time working at Crossroads and it was truly my honor to serve each and every one of you. Much love, AnnaMarie 💞

Jeremiah Patlan

2018-10-05 14:22:55 via Google

The folks at Crossroads went above and beyond when it came to me moving back to Texas and needing to find another clinic a few years ago, and ever since, they have always worked with me and have truly helped guide me through my recovery every step of the way. I’m forever grateful to the entire staff, from Anna Marie and her consistently warm smile and demeanor, the counselors who want you to succeed, and the nurses whose number one priority is to make sure that you’re comfortable and taken care of in the best way possible. I have always felt welcomed and encouraged by the staff here - and without a doubt, they’ve helped me put my life back together and have shown me more compassion and concern than ANYWHERE else. The words, ‘Thank you’ will never be enough to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for them, but thank you guys!!


2018-04-17 09:35:57 via Google

This place is wonderful, Annamarie the office manager is wonderful and so sweet and understanding. She always has a smile on her face and she tries everything she can to make sure your taken care of. And the counselors (all 3 of them) are highly qualified and amazing to work with. Then you have the dosing nurse. She is my favorite!! Well her and Annamarie, they tie with each other! Such a good place to not feel judged and feel cared about. Its a really far drive for me and i wont transfer cause i love this clinic and the people there!!(side note though, don't ever be late!!! Not even one minute! The doors lock right at closing time and they don't make exceptions to let you in. If your lucky they might have not locked up right at closing but do not count on it. Just be responsible and get your butt there in time.)

Brandon Byrd

2018-05-22 12:06:32 via Google

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you, not only to the majority of the staff, but Anna Marie in particular. She has been nothing but nice and helpful, and in my experience there, seems to go out of her way to help me with anything I might need or questions I have. I would highly recommend speaking with her if you have any questions, or are thinking about getting help at this place. She will go above and beyond to help you. Thank you Anna Marie, for everything!

Sandy Hughes

2018-12-07 16:31:16 via Google

I work at Crossroads, I love my job, I love the Patients at this facility, It gives me a new lease on life everyday.

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