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Nexus Recovery Center Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Dallas, TX

Nexus Recovery Center Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Nexus Recovery Center Inc , you may contact their Dallas offices via phone at 214-321-0156.

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crystal walls

2019-04-03 10:36:12 via Google

I went through this program in 2013 and finish 45 days went all the way up to aftercare deep into aftercare finish recipe completed my housing got my housing get well a year and two months I'm currently attending meetings in my neighborhood today is my first day I recommend Nexus I love Nexus I see Stacy is still there a lot of old faces are gone the Nexus is still Nexus no matter who works at Nexus cuz it's Nexus and it works if you putting two what you want you will receive and get out of doing the right thing at Nexus living testimony Witness it works if you work it continuously

Anna Puentes

2019-09-07 16:42:08 via Google

I really liked this place and I'm hoping my daughter goes cuz she's really struggling.

Jillian Brashears

2018-12-18 19:01:05 via Google

Nexus recovery saved my life! I was reluctant to go and nervous about the experience but I was so relieved when I met with the counselors. The quality of care they provide is outstanding and the classes were so informative and interesting. I loved the mindfulness classes the best. We learned about managing emotions and dealing with anger in positive ways. My favorite counselor was Ms. Sheri Vaden, she is so intelligent and kind. She is so passionate about helping people and I felt safe telling her about my life. There were several other amazing staff members there, like Ms. Dee, who was so kind and funny. Ms. Keisha was a lovely presence and had such an uplifting spirit. Ms. Joy was excellent as well and has such a positive and vibrant soul. Another notable lady who works there is Ms. Dory. She helped me stay when I thought I wanted to leave and helped me see through a difficult situation. There are so many more wonderful people that work there and I’m so glad I stuck it out there despite wanting to leave several times. For anyone considering to go I will give you these tips: 1. Be patient with yourself and others. Sometimes you won’t get along with everyone but remember you are there for yourself and your recovery. 2. Keep an open mind. Don’t shut down advice before giving it time to sink in. Allow yourself flexibility to change. 3. Don’t give up. Sometimes the staff isn’t having the best day either and it’s important to remember they are people too. Don’t get upset or take it personally if someone doesn’t have time to help you or has to stick to guidelines that disagree with you. I hope everyone who is struggling gets well and gets the treatment they need. Nexus is a great place to start.

RobertS Oneal

2018-10-14 22:44:00 via Google

The Staff and environment are difference makers.They genuinely care and stand miles above the rest. I will be forever grateful for the role Nexus played in my friends life.

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