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Tri County Behavioral Healthcare offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Conroe, TX

Tri County Behavioral Healthcare is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Tri County Behavioral Healthcare , you may contact their Conroe offices via phone at 800-550-8408.

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Terri Kuta

2019-09-18 15:35:55 via Google

This place has saved my life

Heather Earle

2017-11-08 04:27:45 via Google

When they hear desperation they show up. That alone counts for so much. They take their time, you are not rushed. What people need to understand is , it's a two way road. Medicine can only do so have to do some of the work too. You have to let them help you. They will sniff out the drug seekers and when I see the bad reviews I automatically think it's someone who thought they were going to a magician. Do the work! It's your life and if you want it back they WILL assist you and give you the proper tools but you have to want it, they, and actually no one can give you your life back without your help. So far, the Dr amazing and loves what he's doing, that speaks in volumes. My another life we would have been best friends, she's relatable not just book knowledge, life knowledge. The man that came to save me at home when I first called...I didn't go. But when I called again he still came and I put in THE WORK to show him he didn't bet on the wrong horse...I showed up. These people want to help you, they will come get you, but you have to want it too. And Marie...if she says I'll call you right back in 15 mins, she calls and she makes it happen, whatever your "it" may be. Thank you guys.

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