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Starlite Recovery Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Center Point, TX

Starlite Recovery Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Starlite Recovery Center , you may contact their Center Point offices via phone at 830-634-2212.

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Eric Pfeiffer

2019-08-18 13:24:56 via Google

Faith, hope, and love are the first words that come to mind when I think about Starlite. I’m so grateful that I chose to go through Starlite! This was my fourth time in treatment, but no other facility has been like Starlite. I came in with years of resentment and prejudice towards God, and my faith was barely existent. Within the 45 days I was there I was an active leader in morning devotional, was engaged in the Christian track (which is amazing James is something special I could listen to him talk all day) I was even baptized there. They also encouraged step work while in treatment and have a multitude of resources for available sponsors. I was able to get to step 8 while was there!!! This was just my experience. If Christianity is not your thing they have a wide range of programs to dive into and ignite your growth. I was friends with several people in the freedom group (lgtbq) and they all had a strong bond. They even have a program tailored for young men! I was privileged enough to watch some of these boys transform into young men, who began to see how they could trust god and help their fellow man. Starlite recovery center has it all, whether you’re looking for faith, to better understand your self and how you fit in this world, or you just need to finally grow up and stay sober, come to Starlite! God bless this facility and all the people who were apart of my journey!

John Owens

2019-06-28 03:02:48 via Google

Starlite gave me one of the best experiences I could ever have hoped for. The counseling was great, the staff were very caring and work extremely hard. While I was there, I watched clients not go to groups, be unwilling to surrender and just hope they could stay sober. Treatment is definitely what you put into it, just like the staff at Starlite say, they only ask you to change one thing.... everything. I owe them my life

Kathleen Berlanga

2019-07-26 22:21:31 via Google

I really enjoyed my stay at Starlite, and got a lot out of the program. What you get out of it is based on what you put in. I am thankful to the staff and counselors they are truly amazing folks there! They saved my life and I would recommend Starlite to anyone needed treatment.

Ivan Heredia

2019-08-27 23:08:05 via Google

Incredible experience. Gave me all the tools necessary to RECOVER. Opportunities to work on past trauma, and an alumni program that is very involved with clients after treatment. 10/10

Tom S.

2019-07-10 02:47:35 via Yelp

You get out of it what you put in. So many people come to a place like this expecting luxury spa treatments and effortless "magic pill" solutions to their...

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