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Windmill Wellness Ranch offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Canyon Lake, TX

Windmill Wellness Ranch is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Windmill Wellness Ranch , you may contact their Canyon Lake offices via phone at 830-935-2800.

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Nolan Carlton

2019-10-15 17:01:53 via Google

Amazing staff, amazing facility, excellent place to achieve long lasting sobriety/ recovery. I was at Windmill for 97 days, and while there, I worked on issues that had prevented me from staying sober in the past. I am beyond grateful for finding this place, and I firmly believe that this treatment center has changed my life.

Richard Bray

2019-10-15 18:40:42 via Google

I love Windmill Wellness Ranch. I went in there with absolutely nothing and I left with a lot more knowledge and relationships with great people in recovery than I ever had before. The entire staff is awesome and is always there to listen and help. I highly recommend this facility!

Miriah Bridgewater

2019-11-12 21:54:50 via Google

This is a place to Heal & Grow!! I was welcomed with Loving Caring arms! The moment I drove onto the Ranch I knew that God was working magic here and I automatically knew this was exactly where I needed to be. I have major trama and have been using drugs since I was eight years old. I now have 90 Days clean & free at 40 years young!! I have been to five other rehabilitation centers and this one helped me feel like living!! I now have a purpose to Live!! I Love the staff and the 77 acer Ranch in the Beautiful Hill Country!!!!! 5 STAR

David Black

2019-09-11 02:34:24 via Google

When I reached Windmill Wellness Ranch I found that my Prayers For Help began to manifest. Day by Day The Professionalism Of The Staff, Individual Treatment Plan and an Environment For Recovery That Only God Could Provide, Began To Help Me RE-Boot, and Start A Life Worth Life Worth Living. Today, I am Living Free and More AWAKE than I have ever, ever been in My Life, Full Of Faith that Allows Me To Say That Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically, I am Whole, Complete, Renewed And Owe it all To God sending me to Windmill Wellness Ranch, My Surrender, and the Guidance They used to Help Me Is Unmatched! I can’t say enough about Windmill, but if You Are Ready To Get a Life Back, Better Than Anything You Could Have Hoped Dreamed or Asked For, This is where you Start. “Come and Taste, and See That It Is GOOD!” 😊

Pete Hamby

2019-08-03 13:38:50 via Google

Windmill Wellness is a dream come true. I have spent the last 7 years working in 4 different treatment centers and while I have loved various aspects of each program this is by far the best. The owner Shannon is highly involved in ensuring that each client has the best possible chance to recover. The admissions team is dedicated to making the process of admissions as easy as possible. They make sure that our clients are prepared and that the families have an understanding of what the program entails. The clinical staff works tirelessly to ensure that each of our clients in our program gets what they need as individuals. I have seen Shannon and the clinical team work with clients that other treatment centers might not have the patience and compassion to work with. The trauma therapy here is second to none. The recovery coaches and activities director have an amazing knowledge of the 12 Steps. They also do such a brilliant job with keeping up with alumni to ensure that they have support from Windmill after they discharge. Windmill Wellness Ranch offers people a chance to break free from the deadly chains of trauma, PTSD, addiction, and so much more. Windmill embodies the spiritual principles of love, tolerance, compassion, and understanding.

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