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Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Austin, TX

Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program , you may contact their Austin offices via phone at 512-454-8180.

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CoryLeslie Nutt

2019-11-15 00:20:48 via Google

Coming into this program I was probably like everyone else and wondered “why me?” Or “this is not for me, I do not need this” ... but I have definitely got something out of this program! I feel good coming to it and talking and relating with others. Joyce and the rest of the staff are AMAZING!!! Beyond amazing!!!! They do not look at us as just another number. They ask questions, they know your name, they notice if you have missed, and they help in many ways. Even if it is just a smile or a hug! I know that a simple gesture like that coming into this class on a bad day has completely turned my day around! I have needed the reassurance that “I am enough” and I feel that this class and the people in it has truly helped me and has continued to help me realize that! Thank you!!!!

Eric Foster

2019-11-10 16:24:45 via Google

ADAAP has been a great place to provide the support and resources to change your life. It also provides a safe place and understanding for relapse that removes the judgement in order to get you back on track. Ms. Joyce truly sets the program apart and is their greatest asset!

Kat Albitz

2019-09-21 16:52:37 via Google

ADAAP is awesome! I had been through classes before but always felt like just another body in the classroom. At ADAAP, the staff strive to get to know each participant and are all knowledgeable in recovery. They care about each person and use their own personal experiences to help everyone who comes through their doors. I highly recommend this program.

Zane B

2019-10-02 03:18:16 via Google

An open and sensitive atmosphere where you’ll always feel welcomed. The councilors and the program will set you on a healthier path. Never been happier to meet new people, very grateful for this place.

Jose Acevedo

2019-10-05 14:50:09 via Google

I had a great experience here at ADAAP. With the help of Ms. Joyce I was able to keep myself focused and on track. The weekend schedule was great so I didn't have to miss work.

Alexa R.

2019-07-25 15:40:15 via Yelp

The after care here is amazing as well as the IOP program, they have some really great staff here that are so encouraging and helpful! I would recommend...

Jeremiah D.

2017-06-20 08:27:01 via Yelp

This is a fantastic program. The counselors and staff are passionate and truly care about the success of patients. While the facility is a little small it...

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