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Texas NeuroRehab Center Texas Star Recovery offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Austin, TX

Texas NeuroRehab Center Texas Star Recovery is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Texas NeuroRehab Center Texas Star Recovery, you may contact their Austin offices via phone at 512-444-4835.

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Ivory Ricks

2019-11-27 15:19:56 via Google

The Bluebonnet Outpatient Clinic team are amazing. My daughter suffered a stroke as a teenager. We had her in physical and occupational therapy at other locations, but they always seemed to hit a wall with ideas on how to continue to improve my daughter's limitations. The NeuroRehab folks at Bluebonnet are next level smart with physical and occupational therapy. We want to thank Jessica and Katie for the amazing care and for helping our daughter on her road to recovery. Thank you...

Shelby Markwardt

2019-08-16 20:43:01 via Google

Where do I begin... The staff are a grade above all of the rest! When my husband was accepted and admitted he was still fully assisted on all movements, he had a trache, and couldn't eat or swallow. After just 30 short days he was minimally assisted on standing and walking, was able to eat pureed food and drink liquids. All of the therapist went above and beyond what was required for them to do! My family and I will be forever grateful for everything they did for my husband!

Kimberly Johnson

2019-08-07 21:23:36 via Google

The staff have been very attentive to my needs and are always happy to help with the most minor of a need. I feel blessed to have been placed in such a caring and supportive facility. I thank the entire staff at the Bluebonnet building for your dedication to excellence!

Erika Nemeth

2019-08-01 23:48:29 via Google

My mother in law was admitted after spending time in the ICU in both El Paso and Austin. She was suffering from both breathing and mobility issues. She spent nearly three weeks there and the staff was absolutely phenomenal they were extremely patient and accommodating. Her experience was very motivating and positive which truly provided a great deal to her fast recovery. We are truly thankful.

Mackenzie D

2019-12-04 11:54:52 via Google

Avoid working here AND sending your loved ones at all costs. They recently just hired a new director of nursing, Kim, who is absolutely awful at her job. She lacks empathy and compassion for others, and does not handle feedback well. She rarely smiles at staff members and other patients. She gets very argumentative when staff members try to give her constructive feedback. She does not have anyone’s interests in mind except for her own. She is unsupportive of staff and extremely lacks true leadership qualities. She is a micro manager of other leading techs and nurses which is driving some of her best staff members to quit. You do NOT want to work under this lady, avoid at all costs!!!! Even therapy managers and other departments think she is the worst hire and the rehab facilities biggest mistake and investment. This is creating an extremely toxic work environment. Higher management is only concerned with making money, to the point where they are going to accept pediatric and spinal cord injury patients WITHOUT extensive training... families DONT SEND YOUR KIDS OR LOVED ONES WITH SPINAL CORD INJURIES /YOUNG CHILDREN HERE we are not specialized we don’t have the training and expertise to give the best care to them....This year they were over budget and everyone knows that pedi and spinal cord patients bring in more revenue to a hospital and it is the only reason they are accepting them. Not to truly rehab them to their fullest potential and that is extremely sad and scary- no one should want to work for a company that only has money and their own interests in mind. It is truly and utterly disgusting. Very unsafe practices happening here with very little training. However, despite the huge negatives the experience itself is very humbling and there are some truly amazing staff that work here. Patients and families are amazing if you truly care about other people and wanting to improve the lives of others. As a staff member, you will learn a tremendous amount but expect burn out because they understaff all the time and you will have 8 total care patients on top of passing medications- families this leads to decreased care for your loved one. However, the therapy staff are some of the best therapists Austin has to offer. They are very knowledgeable and willing to teach others and give good constructive feedback because they truly care about their patients. Doctors are all quality and truly care about improving quality of life for patients as well. Cafeteria food is terrible and not healthy, but is 3 dollars so it’s a cheap meal if you’re desperate. Overall, beyond poor experience with management but great place to make connections with some amazing doctors, therapists, and other nurses.

Ken M.

2021-02-10 18:23:40 via Yelp

Hello My son Jody was in a severe car accident and has a severe TBI We were blessed to be taken in here and I want to say that everyone here is so wonderful...

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