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CDHS Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Arlington, TX

CDHS Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at CDHS Inc , you may contact their Arlington offices via phone at 817-652-1004.

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Tina Ortega

2019-09-21 18:40:25 via Google

I went this morning for courtesy dosing and was told to be there at 5:30, no later than 6AM. I showed up at 6:10. I was tired and just wanted to sleep. The women in the front desk is the one I spoke with on the phone and she remembered my name and everything I told her. She was very nice and professional. I paid then went back to go dose and the nurse was great as well. There was no wait. It was quick and painless. I loved it! Thank you ladies for your help.

Nikki Calovich

2018-12-10 18:55:21 via Google

Visited this facility out of town and was very happy. The staff is very friendly. I’d recommend to guests or anyone living in the Arlington area.

Kris Paul Gregory

2018-12-29 21:45:02 via Google

CDHS saved my life! The counselors there truly care about what you're going through.

kdot jones

2018-02-17 06:24:13 via Google

All it takes is patients and the right attuide, this place is fast, and saving lives. If you truly want help live a better life it takes 3 hours your first day to get registered thats all. Everyone is helpful and i found this place 5 years ago would had saves alot of heart ache in my life. I thank god for this place. Afford 12 bucks a day they will increase you with no problem. Extremely helpful.

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