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Northwest Texas Healthcare System The Pavilion offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Amarillo, TX

Northwest Texas Healthcare System The Pavilion is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Northwest Texas Healthcare System The Pavilion, you may contact their Amarillo offices via phone at 806-354-1810.

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Chrissy C

2019-11-13 07:34:03 via Google

Staff greeted us with a nice manner and was very helpful in explaining details of my visit to see my child. Staff lead me to the area to visit and was kind and gracious to everyone in the group I was placed with. The visiting area has plenty of room to visit patient. The time allowed is limited due to allow the patient to have a schedule for recovery and help- main reason for a soul to be at this facility. Understandable and as difficult it may be to not see your love one more often- obtaining mental illness aid is the goal. I am appreciative of the effort to help my child and other souls needing some TLC to help during a difficult time in their life. Exiting the area was just the opposite of what got you in to see patient. The staff was helpful in answering my questions I had after my visit. Grateful for all that work in this area of medicine. The challenges are real and serious and watching first hand how the staff is doing their best to help others- GOD bless them!

Holli Willmon

2019-08-22 12:38:12 via Google

Husband went in because he was having trouble breathing. Most of the ICU nurses were amazing and very kind. There were a few that we didn't trust, but most of them were great. Madajah was the best one. When they moved him up to a regular room out of ICU, there was one nurse that was great who greeted us as soon as we got up; and one that I don't know about who came into the room in the middle of the night, opened the bathroom, turned on the light, and left with the bright light shining throughout the room. For most part, had a great experience at the hospital and the doctors even took me aside to tell me what was going on with my husband and show me his xrays. My husband is doing much better now and even more active than he was.

Leigh McCarn

2019-08-29 04:29:05 via Google

This place was a vital part in saving my life! No one is perfect, and there will always be flaws in every system, however, there are a few very special staff members who went above and beyond to make things not seem so dark!

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