S2L Recovery Spring 2 Life Ministries offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Woodbury, TN

S2L Recovery Spring 2 Life Ministries is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at S2L Recovery Spring 2 Life Ministries, you may contact their Woodbury offices via phone at 888-241-8546.

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Miles Fisher

2019-06-07 20:47:35 via Google

Spring 2 Life Recovery changed my life! I lived an addicted, atheist life and went to several facilities before I came here. I’ve tried everything to renew my mind and restore the person I used to be. I’ve tried the 12 steps, numerous times, smart recovery, and plain old cold-turkey white knuckling. I couldn’t do it any other way than Christ’s way and this place made me recognize that. I write this review with 2 years sober and my life given back to me. I’m the son my parents wanted me to be and I’m tremendously happy I make them proud today. I’ve gone from a homeless heroin addict to a good son who truly finds happiness in life. I can’t thank this place enough. The staff’s hearts are truly in this and I felt the fellowship here is unrivaled. Even if you aren’t a Christian I recommend this place. They preach the gospel in a way I’d never heard before and truly are representatives of God’s love. Without them I’d still be lost. Christ is working at Spring 2 Life and I owe them my life.

Brian Williams

2019-06-04 23:51:23 via Google

Its amazing how God, this place and the staff here has changed my life. This place is unique. The time that I have spent here is invaluable. Seeing the changes in my life and the others around me is nothing short of a miracle. This program gives hope to those who like me who feel lost and saves lives. I pray that more people can come to find freedom and break those chains of addiction.

Garrett White

2019-06-05 00:54:34 via Google

This place is amazing! I’ve been to several places in Tennessee and there really is something different about S2L. Great staff that’s truly dedicated to your recovery and continues to care even after you finish the program. I came here initially only because I wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t a twelve step program, not because of a desire to grow closer to god. But gods presence can’t be denied here, and once I accepted him into my life again I quickly understood that my lack of a relationship with Christ was why I was failing in my previous attempts to stay sober. I’m sober today only because of that relationship and this place. For the first time it’s not a struggle to stay clean, I’m not white knuckling it every day...I’m truly free!!

jeff becker

2019-06-18 15:01:51 via Google

Hi, I’m Jeff Becker and I’m a child of God. At S2L our Identity is not in our flesh, our identity is not in our addiction, past sins, past failures, past successes. S2L teaches that our identity is in Christ alone. The freedom we experiance in Christ is not only for the student alone, but also for the loved ones that the student closely touches. My life has forever changed because of the relationships that I now have with the students and staff of S2L.

Adam Kidd

2019-06-18 16:10:51 via Google

S2L is the most amazing place I had ever been. I had struggled with drugs for 17 years and had been in and out of jails and rehabs for the past 10 years of my life. After coming to S2L I learned that you don't have to call yourself an addict because you can be set free through Jesus Christ. I got saved and learned about God on whole new level. At S2L I made it through the darkest time of my life. I have been clean for a year now and have peace that I had never had before. Thanks S2L recovery!

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