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Care of Savannah Inc Jack Gean Shelter for Men offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Savannah, TN

Care of Savannah Inc Jack Gean Shelter for Men is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Care of Savannah Inc Jack Gean Shelter for Men, you may contact their Savannah offices via phone at 731-925-4447.

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Brian Barnett

2016-03-21 19:37:03 via Google

By the grace of God I was given the opportunity to live at the shelter and receive treatment for my addiction and drug abuse.....Im not really sure if abuse is a strong enough word for my relationship with drugs....what I did was FAR worse than "abusing" drugs....and what I put my family and the people who care about me through was far, far worse. I would say that, at the time, Im not sure if I deserved anything better than being written off and locked up....but what I found at Jack Gean, after spending alot of time looking in the "metephorical mirror", was a blue print and the actual help that would ultimately saved my life. Theres NO sugar coating....NO B.S. or some nurse constantly spewing sympathy telling me "everythings ok" and its gonna get better and that one day Id find my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow....there was one thing at the end of my drug fueled rainbow....a pine box. Theres no one to point my finger at.... no hypnotist to guide me into my subconscious so I could discover the root of all my problems....the problem is and was ALWAYS there....the problem was ME and my ability to justify my denials....lie,cheat,steal,rob,manipulate everyone in my path no matter who they were or how much they cared...of course...if your an addict you know the ones who care about you are the easiest targets....RIGHT? This shelter and the people in it saved my sorry ass and after 6 years of being sober I am still SO very....VERY grateful for Susan, Bruce, Kennith, Big Mike and of course Ms. Jackie. Its not and never will be easy and there will NEVER be a time when I will be able to relax. I will never wake up and say "I finally made it! ....dont gotta worry about staying clean no more!! Then everyone throws me a bigass party and tells me how proud they are of me cuz I FINALLY have a job, pay my bills, show up to...well ANYTHING, Act like a grown man(somewhat)...have a car...brush my teeth....wear socks...and showers....dont fall asleep in anyones front yard or best friends arent the dudes at the pawn shop....I dont know every cop on the police force in my county and within a 100 mile radius....I wear deoderant....get tags for my car...have a license with my picture and name on it...know what day it is...stuff like that. This place will help you if your hurting.....if you WANT and NEED real help....if your ready to change....if your ready to work and look in that mirror....this is your place. If you just wanna get outta jail....dont EVEN worry about it..just stay and get good at spades so u can win extra blogna sandwich at supper....cuz your gonna be there alot. This shelter will always be ready....just make sure you are!

Andy Matthews

2017-06-20 01:19:07 via Google

Saved my life, it was 1st step in my road to recovery

Rhonda Carter

2018-05-09 06:54:24 via Google

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