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VCPHCS IX LLC BHG Nashville Treatment Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Nashville, TN

VCPHCS IX LLC BHG Nashville Treatment Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at VCPHCS IX LLC BHG Nashville Treatment Center, you may contact their Nashville offices via phone at 615-321-2575.

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Robert Haworth

2019-07-21 10:57:33 via Google

They have been very good to me and answered any questions i may have thoroughly. Staff and admin are very nice and understanding. They actually give a damn about us as a person and not an addict.

David McAllister

2019-08-17 19:24:31 via Google

I've been coming here, just over a year,, BHG NASHVILLE, works great for me, as long as I'm doing the work required. If I let up on my Programs, ultimately, I will begin that "Downward Spiral", we all know too well as Addicts in Recovery. It's all a "Process", that I have to stay on top of Daily. I've been in countless Programs over the years, and this is one of, if not the best I've been in, honestly. I hold the Staff, Nurses, Counselors, and even the weekend Deputies, in the upmost, highest regard, Peace and Prayers, "Peeps"++ 😊😊

T&t Nation

2019-08-26 18:17:09 via Google

All 5 of those stars go to my counselor Jerry! He has been an asset to BHG! He really cared about his patients unlike other counselors that work there. When I first met him he said that if we did the right thing he would have our back and he has showed and proved that. He NEVER looked at us as just another lying addict. He encouraged us and treated us with respect. BHG is losing a needle in a haystack. The staff turn over rate is very high at BHG (nurses included) once you get use to someone you look up and their gone! Good Luck Jerry!!! We will miss you!!!

toney appleton

2019-07-31 15:18:44 via Google

They have made my life more manageable Thank you guys!!!3k


2019-06-20 12:50:20 via Google

If you do everything you're supposed to and make your payments on time,you'll have no issues here.If you fail uas or get behind on your fees or fail to call in for diversion twice a week (if you get takehomes) you'll be back to coming everyday.They are bad about changing a rule and expecting each patient to learn about it thru the grapevine instead of telling each patient directly or at least posting it on the marker board at the front. Counselors,front desk and nurses change quite frequently.Most likely due to the pay.Wait times are daily dependant,meaning they're fast some days and slow the others. (Fees) Weekly fee- $114 Annual physical- $30 Failed UA- $10 GCMS Retest- $12 New ID- $5 New Intake- ?? Guest Doser- ??

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