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James H Quillen VAMC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Mountain Home, TN

James H Quillen VAMC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at James H Quillen VAMC , you may contact their Mountain Home offices via phone at 423-926-1171.

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ChrisMan183 .

2019-09-24 15:24:16 via Google

This is the best VA experience I have had minus my injury. I lived in Alabama and was rock climbing in TN. I fell and dislocated my shoulder on a rockwall. The nearest hospital we found on google was this VA, luckily I was enrolled in the VA! They treated me great, gave me painkiller via IV, had some nursing students onlooking the procedure and the doctor reset my shoulder. Crazy story Ill never forget how nice they were. My shirt was soaking and they gave me blankets and made me so comfortable, at least as much as possible until the doctor came. I even learned how to put it back into place. I'd recommend this VA for any members. Granted this experience happened in late 2010.

Juli-Ann Carico

2019-05-04 20:26:49 via Google

All VA facilities are not equal. My father has been a patient at this VA for more than 20 years; after experiencing several other VA facilities I can definitively say the Mountain Home VA staff & facility is the absolute best. The nurses & direct care staff are truly incredible, they care about every vet that walks, rolls, or limps through the door. They patiently answer questions & will go through any information you're not sure of... we don't all speak medical lingo & they understand that! Even the custodial staff goes out of their way to take care of the vets and their families. My sister and I hadn't left my father's side in days and a custodian gave us his breakfast from a local fastfood restaurant because we looked exhausted and he overheard us questioning which of us would leave my father (who was in a coma in ICU) to go get food. You can't buy that kind of care with a paycheck! They understand it's not just the vet who needs care and support. Several of these folks have become like family... they've inspired both my baby sister and daughter to go into the medical field because of the excellent level of service & care provided at this VA. Any veteran or family member reading this should feel good knowing you or your loved one will get the best care possible.

Dustin Yetman

2019-05-17 20:36:07 via Google

I recently moved to Tennessee from NJ. My experience at this VA has greatly improved my faith for the medical care I receive. The administrative staff, the doctors, and the nurses are all very caring and attentive. I only give 4 stars because I have not yet used the ER, thankfully. If I ever unfortunately have to, I will update my review. Big improvement from NJ East Orange facility.

Tonya Perkins

2019-08-08 13:47:38 via Google

Best VA hospital around! Great staff.

Harold Fuller

2018-10-23 19:33:46 via Google

Just sitting here enjoying the hearing aids provided to me by the VA folks at Mountain Home. I’ve been receiving medical treatment here since 2007 and have never had a bad experience at any department. I was particularly impressed by the staff at the Hearing Aid Center, both during the evaluation process and the follow-up care. Of all the VA hospitals I’ve visited during my 40 years service in the Air Force, Mountain Home is by far the best in every respect.

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