Crestwyn Behavioral Health offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Memphis, TN

Crestwyn Behavioral Health is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Crestwyn Behavioral Health , you may contact their Memphis offices via phone at 901-248-1500.

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teresa lutton

2019-10-10 17:09:48 via Google

My son recently had a short stay here and the person who made the biggest impact on him was named mr. Tico. you are an amazing person and I really appreciate you for making my son feel safe and comfort while he was there he was there. Thank you so much 4 your inspiration to make him do better and 2 make better choices. THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH


2019-07-10 21:34:34 via Google

I feel this place has saved my life! The therapists were very helpful and concerned! Once you start group everyone is family, we can relate to each other and what they are going through. If you needed one on one time, they would find the time to help. Never were you told that they couldn't or wouldn't help you! You acted can't say anything bad about Crestwyn. I would reccomend Crestwyn to everyone and it doesn't make your [email protected]

Billy Waxman

2019-08-23 19:57:36 via Google

The php and iop is amazing the staff is friendly and helpful. They know what there doing and it's amazing for isolation and remembering coping skills. Everything in group stays in there. So that's never a worry. Also they give you lunch in the middle. There very understanding and it's a great way to personally grow. Impatient isn't nearly as good.

M D.

2020-05-03 21:04:58 via Yelp

I was there from 4 26 20 to 5 1 20 and there was a lot of things lacking. For instance the nurses didn't wear watches. There was never paper towels or soap...

Julie G.

2019-07-17 13:38:10 via Yelp

Not true!! The PHP program is awesome!! The counselors really get to know you and what you are going through!! They always follow up and the Dr there is...

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