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Buffalo Valley Inc Outpatient Services offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Hohenwald, TN

Buffalo Valley Inc Outpatient Services is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Buffalo Valley Inc Outpatient Services, you may contact their Hohenwald offices via phone at 800-447-2766 x2020.

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Mackenzie Allred

2019-09-18 21:56:44 via Google

I've never been to this place but I would definitely love to check it out if I can go for detox only and hopefully get a grant to cover it because I'm completely broke and I'm doing this on my own so wish me luck. Also good luck to all the other addicts out there trying to overcome this addiction only God knows and you know yourself what addiction truly is.

Matt Morris

2019-09-16 11:29:09 via Google

Great place. Would recommend it to anybody seeking help. The counselors and staff are great. As far as Tenn care covering something this is the best to go to.

jared mccutcheon

2018-08-06 18:25:00 via Google

This place gave me a new lease on life! It's been since 2010 when I first came to Buffalo valley, I have heard some good things and some negative things about it, but all in all its how YOU make it. If you are serious about getting sober, the small insignificant things shouldn't matter

Sarah Tubbs

2018-12-26 05:16:48 via Google

When i was there it was in a big white house on a corner..And there was around 15 to 16 councilor..Witch there was no counseling from her to us...Us the girls counciled each other..And that worked for me..Ive been clean for 18 years..Not because of what rehalb did for me,,but what i did for me while in rehalb..That might not make since to anybody..But if your really ready to be clean and you care for your family,*You will find away to like and love yourself.".For me I had to turn myself inside out and look at me and know that I do love me.."Remember without yourself your family dont have you either.;."And if you dont love yourself then you dont know that your hurting the ones in your life that does love you and you love them.."Without loving you(( You want get clean and you want know or care how to live life..."While in rehalb I was told to keep kids sisters brothers and moms and dads EXT..".Anybody that I care about ((Out of my mind)) "Only focus on me and know me and to Like and LOVE me...When you Like and Love Yourself your life will look and be brighter and healthier...You will be able to accomplish anything you want...Hate has never got anybody anywhere in life..only bad things happen to hate and hate will win...Love You!!

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