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Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC) officially opened in the spring of 2004. Family ownership, having spent the previous 25 years running residential mental health facilities, saw the need for more drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment programs and had the land, buildings, and experience in residential care to make it possible.

Patterning itself after the largest treatment centres in the United States, Betty Ford Center and Hazelden, SCHC initially opened as a 12-Step treatment centre. Over the next few years, however, we found that too many clients weren’t being treated with the kindness and respect they deserved. We also learned that 12-Step treatment was not backed by psychological or evidence-based research. As a result, in 2008, we overhauled SCHC’s program, replacing its 12-Step focus with a meaning-centered one.

Today, SCHC is a fully licensed and accredited treatment centre for mental health, addictions, and occupational trauma. We are also a Certified B Corp that prioritizes its clients, employees, families, and community over profits. Our non-12 step, evidence-based model is used to help clients throughout their time with us. While other programs focus on abstinence or reducing harm, we believe that the recovery process needs to move beyond mere healing. Instead, we use Meaning-centered therapy to help our clients experience personal transformation and full integration into society. Our therapists help clients become the authors of their own lives and gain awareness of who they are, how they fit into the world, as well as their strengths and limitations.

Clients at our facility come from a variety of professional backgrounds. From military and first responders to business owners and CEOs of technology companies, we provide an environment supportive of individuals who are unable to step away 100% from work while they attend addiction treatment.

Sunshine Coast Health Centre offers an unparalleled setting, located on 9 private acres of serene oceanfront property along British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Nestled between the gentle shores of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged Coastal Mountains, our campus is ideally situated to enhance your recovery experience from drugs, alcohol, or other substances and draws on the healing power of nature to contribute to one’s recovery.

Treatment shouldn’t feel like punishment. With SCHC, it won’t. Call us today for admission to our internationally recognized centre.

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Andrea Martin

2019-08-17 02:35:10 via Google

This treatment center far exceeded my expectations. After his 3 month stay my husband left in the best shape he has ever been both mentally and physically. I thoroughly enjoy that the guys staying are allowed to have their phones and are encouraged to keep communication open with the loved ones at home. I like being able to see the changes in him as the days go on. The help they also offer to the loved ones is beyond amazing. They not only help the gentlemen but also to help loved ones, during their stay but also when their loved one gets back home. A Councillor is only an email/phone call away if i have questions. The family and couples weekend was super insightful and the Councillor that ran the program extremely knowledgeable about it all and was able to answer questions I didn't even know i had. This center is the only one I will recommend to those seeking treatment. Bonus- the views from this place are AMAZING! often times my husband would tell me about the whales they saw that day

Erik Foster

2019-04-27 13:22:25 via Google

Staff are incredibly. Facility is amazing. Pool helped me tons with getting my strength back. Cooks make every meal taste better then the last one. Daily outings are fun and always brings happiness. Doctors office needs some improvements with letting patients know information about prescription. Overall my experience was great and if your needing help with PTSD or addiction recovery I would recommend this Heath centre.

Byron Miki

2019-07-06 04:42:44 via Google

Full disclosure: I am a contractor who works for the Sunshine Coast Health Centre by supporting their alumni in Kelowna, BC. I am also a counselling therapist with a private practice in Kelowna. There are many reasons why I refer my clients to SCHC. But the main reason is thoroughness. SCHC offers a complete and rich program which does not take shortcuts. They do not skimp on quality. If you are serious about your recovery, your best value is to invest in a program that really works. SCHC graduates leave with all the tools, resources, and support necessary to lead a successful and sober life. Life in the health centre is wonderful - as it should be. It’s life on the outside that can be tough and unpredictable. SCHC graduates are well prepared. Every graduate has the opportunity to launch a new healthy and sober chapter in their life. They are armed with practical skills to deal with challenges. They have access to resources for support, connection, advice and friendship. As a counselor, I find the graduates easy to work with because they come to me already having developed a strong sense of self and a working knowledge of modern life skills. A tune up here and there is usually all they need to keep moving forward. Here are a few additional reasons I recommend SCHC: * Innovative, cutting edge approaches involving science based protocols for nutrition, trauma, exercise, group work, and of course detox. * Holistic therapies involving energy work, meditation, yoga, body work, massage, sound therapy and more. * A highly skilled, educated leadership and staff * A team of compassionate and dedicated professionals who enjoy what they do. I have been a counselling therapist for the past 15 years and in that time I have worked with hundreds of addicts and clients with trauma. I am also a SMART recovery facilitator. I attend multiple support groups including SMART, AA, and SCHC. Byron Miki, MTC, RTC

Shlomo S

2019-06-01 05:56:38 via Google

After desperately trying to get a handle on my addiction and after 5 treatment centers over the last seven years, I was almost ready to give up. I reached out to a friend of mine for help, and an associate of his recommended Sunshine Coast Health Centre. My first day at the Centre I was participating in a group where the clients were saying goodbyes to their friends that were finishing the program in the upcoming week. I listened to a couple of the guys who have been there for 30 and 60 days make a claim that they feel they have grown so much during their stay that they genuinely believe they were leaving completely different people. After hearing this, I thought to myself "come on, how can 30 or 60 days actually cause such a drastic change in a person. What can really be so different about this place in relation to all the other places I've been to?". After 5 days at the centre I already began to experience huge new awareness's and changes in my perspective. I already started building strong connections with the clients at the centre whom today I refer to as my friends and brothers. Firstly, the Sunshine Coast Health center offers a very comfortable living environment, and it is on a beautiful and well-maintained piece of land with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. You will breathe clean air and see many gorgeous sunsets. You are offered excellent health-conscious meals, and the chefs are more than willing to work with your specific dietary restrictions, as they did with mine. You have a pool on site, a rec centre that you will visit weekly, and optional daily physical activities and outings. I view all of these as bonuses, even though they definitely contribute to a healthy state of mind, and an atmosphere that supported my healing and personal growth. Now to what I believe matters most. The Sunshine Coast Health Centre has a very large and qualified staff. What is so incredibly unique, is how easy it is to recognize that every single one of them genuinely care for their clients. They also offer a large and unique variety of therapies and treatment modalities. As well as one on one services. This gave me the opportunity to choose what really was working best for me and my recovery and make that my primary focus. At the Sunshine Health Centre you are a client but you are treated and respected as an equal. Unlike almost every other treatment centre, at SCHC you are given your Independence. You are guided to make healthy choices but they're not chosen for you. You're given every opportunity to work on yourself as well as to relax, take breaks, and enjoy yourself. Our job is to find a healthy balance between them. I know for myself and in my own life, that balance was/Is something that has been a constant struggle, and this opportunity to work on and to create that balance was exactly what I needed. I can write many paragraphs on how special this place is and how powerful my experience was. Instead I'll just tell you that I did in fact leave there feeling like a changed person, with many profound awareness's, and many tools that I have taken with me and continue to use on a daily basis. I gained a new love and appreciation for myself and for others. I definitely didn't go there to make friends, but I left there with a few that I truly value and that I am very grateful to have in my life today. I also left with purpose and meaning and a stronger desire to live. If you're considering treatment, and you genuinely want the help and support, spending some time at SCHC might be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. If you have any questions or want to hear more about the centre,. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime. @ shllomotion 💛💜💪🙏💚 Shlomo S

Gabriel Alden Hull

2019-03-26 01:19:23 via Google

This is a hope based centre as much as it is an evidence based centre. Clients receive multidisciplinary care that addresses all aspects of health and wellbeing to not only recover from addiction but to live happy and purposeful lives.

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