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Rightway Medical of Roland offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Roland, OK

Rightway Medical of Roland is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Rightway Medical of Roland , you may contact their Roland offices via phone at 918-427-3344.

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Kerry Scott

2019-07-20 01:02:11 via Google

The place itself is a good place w good people but nobody tells you when you start that this place will cost $3600 a yr. And the Dr told me I should be on it the rest of my life. So after 11 years & trying to get off of it I now know that I should've quit after 5 years.

Sharon Crittendon

2019-05-21 14:26:22 via Google

I have been going here for a year now and I am glad I chose this clinic. I'm doing much better drug free for over a year. The people who work there are very sweet and caring. If you need help this is a wonderful place to go. If you have any problems you can talk to your counselor or a very nice man by the name of Ron whom I owe a apology to for being very immature and running off with my mouth. I'm so sorry for that Ron. It will never happen again. You all have been to helpful for me to do that. I hope you see this post. Sharon

Beau Morton

2019-06-19 13:43:00 via Google

The staff is so friendly you'll feel like family. This is unequivocally the absolute very best place to go for treatment with opioid dependency. Medication assisted theropy (MAT) is the gold standard for opiate addiction and light-years beyond any 12 step or abstinence based program. Don't be fooled by the narrow-minded abstinence-only thinking which keeps people from seeking help through MAT. That type of thinking is sending people to prison and killing people daily. MAT is scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to save more lives than any other opioid treatment. If you or a loved one has an opioid problem, this place is an absolute blessing and will save your life, family, and livelyhood. You will 100% be glad you made the decision to seek this type of help.

brandon flanagan

2019-02-04 08:39:54 via Google

Very helpful if your willing to put the effort . Staff is very nice & helpful and caring to reach out and help anyone new or anyone that's been in their program. Very well worth going. I give everyone their a 5star plus Rating. #ThankyouRightwayMedical

Margie Herrera

2018-10-27 12:42:07 via Google

Patients there need to learn that it’s not a drive thru drug run! You go there to get better! ITS A MAINTENANCE PROGRAM!!!🤨🤔! Not your daily fix!! If you don’t like it don’t give the staff problems because you have to follow rules. Your more than welcome to go back to running the streets and spending $thousands of dollars!

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