McKinley Hall Inc Outpatient Services offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Springfield, OH

McKinley Hall Inc Outpatient Services is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at McKinley Hall Inc Outpatient Services, you may contact their Springfield offices via phone at 937-328-5300 x0.

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My Blogged Life

2019-06-29 01:33:10 via Google

This is a cross-post from Facebook :) As a mother of an addict, I was desperate to save his life. I had no idea of how the Inpatient Program worked, but now after a few weeks of the treatment my son is getting, I can tell you it's working perfectly!! Despite all of my sons fears, they welcomed and calmed him almost instantly. Every day that passes he gets stronger; I've not seen my son so happy, optimistic and clear-headed in almost two decades. I am almost overwhelmed with joy. If it wasn't for McKinley Hall and the awesome staff, my son would most likely be....well I don't want to even image, but I honestly was at the end of my rope and my son was below rock bottom. If I could speak to the addicts and their loved ones, I would start by saying; Inpatient/residential is not a "lock down" (not even close) it's more like a family who does activities and goes places together, ie: the movies, parks and they even have a fitness program and of course family and NA meetings. It's like they show you what Life can be without drugs and alcohol....and they learn that they are not alone in their son has made so many new friends in treatment as well as the NA meetings...they are wonderful people and I, myself am learning a lot. I would like to Thank each staff member individually, but i've already written a book here, lol, but I hope you get what I'm saying. P.S. A special Thanks to JJ Peck for going above and beyond (taking your personal time of 4-6 hours to be there for us at court!)

Dustyn Norton

2019-09-19 21:25:06 via Google

Helped save my life

Adam Hartbarger

2018-04-13 14:45:43 via Google

Great place and has changed my live in every way keep it up. Would recommend makenley hall to anybody that is suffering from the disease of addiction. The people that work there really do care. So just want makenley hall to know you guys are amazing and thank you so much for all the help u provide me and everyone else...

Erin Conwell

2016-12-26 09:45:08 via Google

Not only did they give me a place to live, but they helped me get clean. I don't know where I would be without Mc Kinley Hall.

donald freeman

2017-02-12 20:47:00 via Google


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