Recovery Works Columbus offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Columbus, OH

Recovery Works Columbus is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Recovery Works Columbus, you may contact their Columbus offices via phone at 614-505-0378.

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Meg Havens

2019-08-08 18:23:31 via Google

Recovery Works was a GREAT place- you really bond with staff and other residents. There are incentives like work outs and attending all groups to be able to leave the facility for outings, there is exposure to outside meetings, always someone there to help and listen, and the food is unbelievable with many options and a salad bar. I️ had A great experience and would highly recommend it!!

Faith Carpenter

2019-04-10 20:42:09 via Google

Best rehabiltion facility, hands down. I’ve been here a couple of times now, along with other places, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else nor would I recommend another inpatient facility. The staff is top notch - from the nurses, to the therapists, and the directors. They work directly with each patient to make sure your needs are met and develop a personal relationship with you. The “higher ups” (directors and cordinators) hold a weekly meeting with patients to get feed back on how everything is going which is awesome. I love this place, I love the people and I know they truly care about me. They go above and beyond here. The food is Smackin’ as well... I love the recovery works team. ❤️ If I ever end up back in inpatient, this is where I will be. Y’all keep it up. -Faith

Samantha Escobar

2019-07-22 13:46:02 via Google

From an employee's point of view I would like to say I have never worked somewhere more welcoming the atmosphere is like being around family we do everything together from the Executive director to the Housekeeper .

Lori T

2018-08-27 21:47:44 via Google

A Great place to recover. the staff is great. the food is good. Most importantly they really care about getting you well.

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