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Changing Tides offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Kitty Hawk, NC

Changing Tides is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Changing Tides , you may contact their Kitty Hawk offices via phone at 252-715-3905.

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2019-10-18 15:52:19 via Google

Changing Tides is the perfect name for this place. Not only are the staff members absolutely amazing and genuine but it’s location also give you direct access to an incredible part of the beach. I spent many hours in the sand either fishing or just hanging out because of how peaceful it is. I am about a year and 4 months sober because of this place, the experiences I had there, and the people who helped show me that you can have endless fun while being sober. Thank you so very much to Changing Tides and the entire staff, they were instrumental in helping turn my life around.

Sean Salch

2019-11-05 04:07:56 via Google

If you or someone you love are struggling with addiction I strongly suggest Changing Tides! This place changed my life! They didn’t just change my life they saved my life! I came here with the idea in my head that nobody can fix me and I really didn’t even have the will to live.... it hurts me a lot to say that because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was giving up on life and I just felt more than defeated. The staff here helped me more than they will ever know. I now have a positive outlook for my future and regained the love of my family. This place will always hold a very special place in my heart. I swear that it has a different way of doing things opposed to other centers. Please please please try them out and if you want to know a bit of what you or a loved one will be getting into call them and I swear it gets better.

Alex Winfield

2019-08-22 22:05:19 via Google

Changing Tides was the second rehab I have attended the first being in 1988 out of high school. Changing Tides was a God seems and I couldn’t asked for a better place to fit my situation. The counselors and owner inspired me to grab a hold of recovery and I continue to seek out connections and I have enjoyed my not drinking while back home. One of the biggest benefit for me was the small group of ten people we had at the time. If you are seeking help please reach out to Aubrey and Changing Tides. They will help you get clean and sober and provide direction if you have a desire to change as I did.


2019-09-28 15:34:06 via Google

Changing Tides was a fantastic place for me. I went in originally looking to "do my time" and I left a better person all around. The staff truly cares about each client. I will forever be grateful for Changing Tides and this experience in my life.

Angela Rigdon

2019-04-16 15:02:54 via Google

Changing Tides was a spectacular place. Everyone was so welcoming, I felt so much comfort from the staff and all the residents . The program was outstanding and I felt comfort living around people that were so understanding, non judge mental, and at the same time loving. These are people that really care about you, and if you let them they will help you get to a place in your life that is positive. I felt like it was home away from home! ❤️ I would recommend it to anyone that needs help. And if I ever needed help again , it is where I would want to be.

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