NYC H and H/Bellevue Hospital Opioid Treatment Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in New York, NY

NYC H and H/Bellevue Hospital Opioid Treatment Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at NYC H and H/Bellevue Hospital Opioid Treatment Program, you may contact their New York offices via phone at 212-562-3201.

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Erika Perez de Quito

2019-11-20 14:53:33 via Google

They have great doctors, most of the nurses are nice but people at the desk can be rude especially to those that can’t speak well English. They get so angry when you don’t stand “behind the line” which is just tape on the floor. I was waiting in line to register for my appointment (women’s care 4D) there was one lady at the desk doing something on the computer for more than 5 minutes I walk up she tells me “I didn’t call you” my reply “I know but my daughter needs to use the bathroom could you please open the door?” ( they buzz you in to access the bathrooms that are closer to the desk) even after going to the bathroom she was occupied doing something else and said to wait for someone else to register me

Cute Raccoon

2019-10-29 14:57:58 via Google

They helped me book an appointment for the oral and maxillofacial surgery office for a checkup after the surgery. They gave me the paper with the date and time, called the day before to remind us about the appointment but when we got there, they said there was no appointment. I showed them the paper and they said they will have to reschedule the appointment 😑. This happened twice.. However other than the appointment, I think the nurses are nice.

Anthony Benedict Grosso-Antinary

2019-11-10 13:46:24 via Google

Fantastic facility! Very friendly and helpful personnel, top of the line professional staff as well as best care possible you can get for trauma injuries in New York City.

Tim C.

2020-10-23 11:17:45 via Yelp

free covid test, antibody and nose swab test. no appointment needed. i love this hospital. modern, well structured and very helpful staff. "heroes work here"

Johnny Q.

2020-10-23 16:50:26 via Yelp

Sept. 2008 - I admitted myself in Bellevue Hospital for an infection I had obtained. It wasn't bad during my 2 day/night stay.

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