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CURA Inc Secaucus Residential Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Secaucus, NJ

CURA Inc Secaucus Residential Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at CURA Inc Secaucus Residential Program, you may contact their Secaucus offices via phone at 201-392-9669.

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Anonymous Anonymous

2019-06-11 16:53:44 via Google

Anonymous due to the fact a close family member is currently in your Secaucus program. My unnamed family member was a client in your facility 5 years ago and based on the things that occurred in the facility between staff and clients I initially had concerns about 'unnamed' going to this facility again. I am happy to report 'unnamed' has advised me the facility is under new management and is no longer a hang out for staff and clients, this is no sex or drugs in the facility. Unnamed said the facility has a new director who cleaned up the place and is now functioning like a treatment program. Kudos to Cura for taking action and cleaning up their program for the better of their clients.

Erik Erik

2019-07-22 04:32:23 via Google

I was in here for 6 months. The director DOES actually care about you as a person in need of treatment! There way of running things is for a reason, I won’t say it was delightful or enjoyable but it’s not supposed to be! Your there for treatment and help not to socialize and party! Some of the staff could use a restructuring yes, and maybe some more in-depth training on certain behavior issues. The food was spectacular! I gained a good 20lbs in 6months, you definitely will not go hungry there! The facility is old however they have a G.I rule in place which is daily and it does keep the place sanitary for the most part! I have never been to another treatment facility to make a comparison but all in all it’s not so bad!

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