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Spring House Female Halfway House offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Paramus, NJ

Spring House Female Halfway House is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Spring House Female Halfway House, you may contact their Paramus offices via phone at 201-634-2900.

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Liz Croop

2018-08-29 14:48:07 via Google

So I don't know why I haven't done this sooner especially because this house and the staff that's in it how to save my life over 5 years ago. The staff here really encouraged me and showed me that I could have a new life and I deserved it. They gave me a true foundation on which I built my sober life on. Not that all the staff wasn't good but one that truly sticks out in my mind is Laurie. She would somehow always find the time to listen and try to help each of the women in the house which was always amazing to me especially because of all of the responsibilities that she had as being a director. When I went into the house I was open-minded to try something differently they totally guided me and prove to me that living a sober life was well worth it I can't thank this house and the staff enough!

Jaimie Frasche

2018-08-29 13:39:03 via Google

As a former resident of Spring House, I can honestly say that this place changed and saved my life. Spring House is a non-profit organization designed to assist women to not only overcome their battle with addiction, but to transition back into society with all of the necessary tools to live a successful and sober life. I have 4 years clean and I owe it all completely to this facility. This facility offers one on one counseling, group counseling, an abundance of love and genuine care for their residents and a place to call home. Once a resident at Spring House, you are always family to them. When I was a resident there, Laurie Crocco was the Director and she always went above and beyond to make sure that everyone there was properly cared for, treated and was given the dedication and attention they needed. As a director, she was extremely hands on with all residents, activities and events. My life has changed just by having Laurie in it. Whenever I see her, she still expresses her love and how proud she is of me to this day, and I attended 3 years ago!! She is truly one of a kind with a genuine heart. I have so many people to thank for everything they’ve done for me, I am forever grateful!!

Amanda C

2018-08-29 02:06:15 via Google

Spring House has given me a life beyond my greatest hope. I’m forever grateful for the wonderful staff that helped me become a woman of honor and dignity. For the individual who wrote such a horrible review. You may need to work your program.The program of recovery teaches us to take responsibility for our actions and to treat others with love and tolerance. Ms. Crocco is dedicated to the house and it’s many residents. Her heart is fully in it. She has spend late nights and weekends trying to assist the women and instilling upon them hope that they can rise above their painful situations and get sober. She has helped many women prosper in their sobriety. I know this for a fact. Another fact is Spring House is a County Facility operating with grants. Therefore, non profit.

Ashley Conklin

2018-08-29 11:41:39 via Google

Spring House is by far the best and most thorough Treatment center for women in the state of New Jersey. I was a resident of Spring House myself and I am so grateful today for the program and it’s staff. Laurie Crocco and staff goes above and beyond to help its residents. They would make sure we got amazing donations from Trader Joe and various bakeries to accommodate different dietary needs. As far as the person who wrote that it was one of those profit driven programs, that is outrageous. It’s completely non profit. I was given a Grant from Spring House that paid for most of my education to go back to school. They helped me in every way possible to not only get me emotionally ready to start my new life but financially as well. Today I have a fulfilling career that I love and It’s only because of the help from this program.

Allison DiNapoli

2018-08-29 17:20:55 via Google

This place saved my life. The staff are all incredible people! All played a huge role in restoring my self confidence, teaching me how to live life as a sober woman of honor and dignity, loved me until I could love myself and still loved me after! Laurie, Laura, Sharon, Kimmy, all the counselors, and everyone involved at spring house I love you all! When I came in I was broken and so incredibly lost. While I was there for 9.5 months I was given the tools to be the person I was meant to be. I am eternally grateful to the Spring House program and all of the staff!

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