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Mississippi Comprehensive Trt Ctrs LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Jackson, MS

Mississippi Comprehensive Trt Ctrs LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Mississippi Comprehensive Trt Ctrs LLC , you may contact their Jackson offices via phone at 601-366-7167.

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Bernardo Lacosta

2018-05-09 13:27:18 via Google

Wonderful staff everybody is well knowledged and they will help you with whatever you need and they're very quick to do so I would highly recommend this facility to anybody that's going through any kind of illness

Kenzie Chaney

2017-10-10 20:58:50 via Google

I have been to a few clinics in my 3 years of sobriety and this one by far is my favorite. I miss my old clinics in California because I was there for so long and established there, but this clinic has showed me that a clinic is capable of being nice, clean, efficient, and helpful as well as caring towards their patients. I am the first patient here and even when things were bad and all the bugs were working themselves out in the computer and the whole entire system, we were able to make things work and they have been extremely helpful and so very caring and kind. I absolutely appriciatte everyone that works at this clinic and I wouldn't trade clinics or go anywhere else. Yes, I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs suboxone, methadone, bupenorphine, and control. The counselors, dosing nurses, front desk and admissions even the Dr is awesome! Also, when I first moved here a few weeks ago they helped me find the correct clinic until this one opened and could take me. Again, theybare wonderful!

Christopher Mcnamara

2019-10-10 10:27:33 via Google

I do recommend this clinic if anyone is wanting to get off herion or pain pills.

Jessica Carroll

2019-08-03 10:36:14 via Google

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