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New Life Treatment Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Woodstock, MN

New Life Treatment Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at New Life Treatment Center , you may contact their Woodstock offices via phone at 507-777-4321 x203.

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Emily Eveland

2019-09-16 15:12:58 via Google

This is an amazing treatment facility! The staff are amazing and counselors are there to help you all the way. It helped me get back on the right path of life. And I will always be thankful for that! 2 1/2 yrs sober thanks to this place!


2019-03-21 01:16:06 via Google

New Life saves lives! I cannot put into words exactly what the staff and clients of New Life Treatment Center did for my life. I can try but I don’t think I can fully express the life changing experience I’ve had as a direct result of being there. Never in a million years did I think I could get the help I got from these wonderful people. I believe it was a direct act of God that brought me to them and they are literally just an extension of him working his miracles on a day to day basis. They gave me the tools to be the person that first god deserves, I deserve to be for god and in turn the person that I wanted to be and my family deserves to have in their lives. I still can’t believe that the 30 days I spent with them changed my life so much and would recommend them to everyone and anyone who is seeking help for addiction of any kind. It isn’t just about addiction either. They taught me how to find myself and live my life the right way. I came to them a ruined person and did not believe that I could be changed. I left them with a peace in my life that I never thought possible. All the things that used to keep me down for so long are now just obstacles that I look forward to facing and everytime I make it past one I look forward to confronting the next one because it only makes me stronger in my recovery. I beg that if you are like I was, feeling that there is no hope in your life please let these wonderful people show you the way! If you truly want help and go there with an open mind and an open heart know there is help for you! Thank you New Life for exactly that, a new life. I will never forget what you have done for me in my lifetime and look forward to paying it forward to everyone I meet. I also look forward to being welcomed back and hope I can be of service anytime you need me as I get further in my own journey of recovery. Thank you New Life Treatment Center. I believe wholeheartedly you deserve to be #1 in the state and know you will always be #1 in my book.

Emily Williamson

2018-10-31 01:23:24 via Google

My husband was there about a month ago and it was great for him! It is one of the best in MN

Lisa Smith

2016-04-26 02:33:24 via Google

I am Thriving and I owe it all to God and His Team at New Life Treatment Center in Woodstock Minnesota. Life has Never been so good. I am going on 4 years Clean and Sober. This is the place to find yourself forgive yourself and grab hold of your New Life! Praise be to God!!

Rachael Tollefson

2016-08-04 16:49:14 via Google

I really like the staff. I appreciate that they understand what it's like because they've been through a lot of the issues clients go through there. I think everyone there is selfless n wants what's best for each client. Rachael T

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